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Why my central air conditioning is making noise

Is your central air conditioning making noise? There are several reasons why you may be hearing these noises. Your air conditioning should operate quietly and with high efficiency. Modern AC units utilize sound-dampening technology to reduce noise levels below fifty-five decibels.

Noises from your AC unit may signify that it may require a simple tune-up, costly repair, or replacement of the complete unit. The fault in your air conditioner may influence the type of noise you hear.

We shall highlight the primary noise caused by your central air conditioning based on the noise type. It is critical to pay attention to these noises and ensure you contact a professional to check them out.

Types of AC Noises and their Faults

·         Banging Noise from your AC

When your air conditioner makes a banging noise, it may signify a broken or loose part inside the compressor. A broken or loosed crankshaft, piston pin, or connecting rod may be the culprit and may indicate the need to replace the compressor.

·         Clanking Noise

Clanking noise from your AC may be caused by parts failure inside the sealed unit. It may also be a sign that the blades of the outdoor fan and the indoor blower are hitting other parts because they are out of balance.

·         Buzzing AC Noise

Buzzing noise from your AC may be caused by loose parts or the presence of debris in both the outdoor and indoor units.

It may signify that you have to change the air filter or clean the condenser coil. Refrigerant leaks and faulty blower fans may also cause buzzing noise in your AC.

·         Clinking noise from your AC

It may be normal when your AC’s electrical components make a clinking noise during shut-down or start-up. However, if the clicking noise persists, it may be caused by a failing thermostat or defective control.

·         Your AC makes a squealing noise

Squealing or squeaking noise from your indoor blower and outdoor fan motors may indicate they are failing. Malfunctioning blower housing and wheel may cause squealing noise.

·         Screaming Noise from your AC

If your AC makes screaming or high-pitched noise, it is advisable to turn it off and contact a professional. The screaming AC noise may be caused by a high compressor internal pressure and may be unsafe to you.

electrician technician repairing air conditioner

·         Humming AC Noise

It may not be a serious issue if your AC makes a humming noise. However, it may indicate an issue with the AC. Vibration may be caused by the refrigerant piping or by loosed parts.

If ignored, it may cause other serious issues. Electrical problems such as loose wiring may also cause humming noise.

·         Whirring AC Noise

If you hear a helicopter-like sound from your AC, it may be due to faulty bearings with an outdoor fan or indoor blower motor. It may also occur due to a broken belt, loose fan, or blower blades.

Get Professional AC repair today

Is your AC making noise? Contacting a professional AC repair technician to diagnose the fault to provide practical repair is advisable. We have experienced and licensed technicians that can repair different AC faults and get your AC to work perfectly.