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What type of air conditioner do you need for a warehouse?

The warehouse is an important part of any industry. Having the right storage place allows timely delivery and optimised distribution. It’s a leading point to increased labour productivity and customer satisfaction.

Keeping the quality of the stored products and adequate conditions for the employees who work in them is a key step to the success of the business. To achieve it is important to have the correct warehouse air conditioner to have an ideal cooling system.

The warehouse cooling can be a problem for any business. These spaces normally are large, open spaces and a lot of times aren’t protected to prevent the loss of heat or the intrusion of sound.

What is the ideal temperature for a warehouse?

The temperature of your warehouse depends on the needs of your products.

Normally there are three temperatures most used in warehouses:

  • Air-conditioned temperatures: An air-conditioned warehouse uses AC units to keep its environment between 13°C y 23°C. The warehouses with aircon systems best-fit products that need to avoid hot and cold temperature extremes.
  • Refrigerated temperatures: These warehouses keep their temperatures between 0°C y 12°C. These temperatures are common in storage places of some foods that require special refrigeration, but not be frozen.
  • Frozen temperatures: There are suit frozen foods and other products that need to stay extremely cold to keep their quality. In these cases, the warehouse temperature should maintain temperatures at or below 0°C.

In addition to the temperature that the products need, it is important to find a suitable temperature for your work team. A study shows an average relationship of 2% decrement in work performance per degree °C when the temperature is above 25°C.

Warehouse Workers

Although this percentage is a small statistic, over time can produce a major impact. When your business has a good warehouse air conditioner system, decreases the stress levels of workers and boosts the morale of the teams.

This rule applies to the warehouse and offices of your business. Here you can learn what is the best air conditioning for your office.

Key factors that must have a warehouse with air conditioning

Thinking about the productivity and conditions for employees is important to find quieter air conditioner systems. This point makes a big difference if your warehouse is continuously occupied by workers.

You need to decide between commercial AC units or industrial ceiling fan options. You must know for warehouse heating is the size in square meters of your space. Another point that you need to determine is how powerful you need to get.

Warehouse Air Conditioner

One option less commonly considered, but extremely helpful in creating a heating and cooling solution for a warehouse is air curtains, or special fans used to keep a space temperature-controlled and protected from contamination.

An element that you must have in mind is to have air conditioning systems with Eco functions. This type of warehouse air conditioner offers a balanced ventilation scheme and can operate using just 10% of the cost of traditional air conditioning. In large floor spaces like warehouses, the financial and energy savings can be a great opportunity for your business.

When choosing the best option, you must think about alternatives that offer you technical service for the system you implement. Know here when should I service my air conditioning? If not, when there is a technical failure or due to the passage of time, there will be operating errors that will affect your warehouse and the operation of your business.

If you aren’t sure what option is right for you, speak with a professional about which would be the best for your situation. Ice Blast provides a wide range of options for the installation, maintenance and repair of large industrial air conditioning systems.