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What to consider before moving into a new house

Moving into a new house can be stressful, but planning for the big day can help you feel calm and have everything in order.

Take into account that it can be exhausting to do it all in one day. So our advice for you is to divide it into at least two days. One day to carry the small things in your car or with the help of family or friends and a second day to move the bigger things like furniture and appliances with a moving company.

Also, many people think that packaging and unpackaging should be their only concern. However, it’s the things that you do before and after the moving that can make all the difference. So, to help you with the move, we have put together this quick list with 6 key factors to consider before moving into a new house.

1. Make an early inspection of your new home

It is important for you to make an early inspection of your new home, regardless of if it is rented, pre-owned, or brand new. Check the electrical circuit box or main board and make sure that every switch has a label – for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and so on. Check that all the lights work well and make sure all rooms have their light bulbs or tubes installed.

If your home is rented or you bought it from a previous owner, double-check the following:

  • Everything that was included in the sale is in the house.
  • All the agreed repairs were made by the previous owner.
  • Things like switches, outlets, and fixtures are in safe, working order.

You can hire an air conditioner technician to check the status of your aircon and check if it’s good to go for at least a few more years. Also, you can hire an electrician to check the state of the electrical box or switchboard and see if it needs to be repaired or replaced with a new one.

Furthermore, check your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors (if applicable) to see if they are working well, need batteries, and/or need to be replaced.

If it is a new home, then make sure you equip it with the appliances you need. Also, if you want to save in the long run then you should consider buying an energy-efficient air conditioner as this is the device that may consume the most energy at home. Of course, if possible, look for other energy-efficient appliances as well.

Make sure any alarms or security systems in place work well and you have everything functioning so you can make use of these the moment you move in.

Air conditioning male technician

2. Make sure your new place is childproof if you need to

Before you can install the whole set-up in your new home regarding children safety, make sure you do some initial childproofing to keep your child or children safe until you can work on it definitively.

You can quick childproof your home on moving day or you can do it before. Our recommendation is to do it before because on moving day you will be doing so much that you can easily forget about this really important factor.

Some of the things you can work on are checking all the windows and secure them, keep dangerous stuff far out of the reach of children, and watch out for hanging cords (you should fasten them out of reach or knot them).

3. Find the right moving company

Find the right moving company and hire the one that fits your needs and your budget. We recommend getting three quotes before choosing your moving company. Make sure any company you choose is licensed, insured, and guarantee their work in case something breaks.

Keep in mind that a licensed company means that the moving company is allowed by law to work – you don’t want to be scammed. The guarantee implies that the moving companies are bound by your contract. Finally with insurance your things will be safe in case something happens along the way.

Also, as we mentioned before, it is ideal for you move the small things by yourself or with help from family and friends to save money.

4. Inform everyone about your new address

Report your new address to the post office and contact the bank, credit card companies, anyone who sends you bills, and any source of important reminders. so they can update your information.

Remember to do this before you move. You should also notify the post office of your address change to make sure you start receiving mail at your new home straight away. Otherwise, they will keep sending your mailing to the old address.

Furthermore, contact credit card companies to avoid missing a statement and skipping a payment because it arrived at your old address or was lost. Also, you should update the important documents one month before moving in – update your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and electoral role details.

5. Do your packing early

Pack early and pack smart. If you have space that you don’t use in your current home, then designate it as a packing room and store all the boxes there. In this way, you will be able to pack everything without interrupting passages at home.

Make a checklist with all the things you have packaged and the boxes you put them in, so you don’t get lost when you unpack them.

On moving day, make a final inspection of both houses. In the new home, use your moving checklist to make sure you have all your boxes and other belongings before the moving workers leave.

In the old house, make sure the water and lights are off, the doors are locked, and all of your closets and drawers are empty.

Couple in new house

6. Contact utility companies

When you get to your new home you will want to have the basic services straight away, such as electricity, gas, water, internet and/or telephone. So contact those companies in advance to set the date of transfer for services to your new address.

On moving day, you should verify that your electric, gas, water, heating and cooling, phone, and internet are set up. Then call your local waste management facility to ensure that your new home is set up for garbage pick up as well.

These key points should help make moving into a new house that little bit easier.  It will never be easy, as moving is ranked as one of the most stressful life events. However, the process can certainly be helped, and we hope that this article will help you.