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What should I check before buying an air conditioner?

With the arrival of the summer, many people face the need to buy an air conditioner, because with the heavy heat in Australia, even with the effort of trying to keep cool without air conditioning it becomes necessary.

For this reason, it is important to know what are the different options that you have in terms of types of air conditioning and their characteristics. Remember that buying an air conditioner system represents an investment and it is better to make sure you opt for the best option for your specific situation.

What are the types of air conditioning and their benefits?

Portable equipment without an outdoor unit

This type of equipment does not require installation, unlike splits or heat pumps that require the placement of an extractor outside, in the facade or window. Simply place the hot air extractor tube manually in a window.

Window air conditioner

A window unit can be considered a compact machine because it has an indoor and outdoor unit in the same unit. This represents an advantage in terms of installation.

How it works is that it takes the internal section takes air from the room to be cooled and drives it through a small grill located on the front of the equipment. Then, in the external section,  it takes air from the exterior and heats it even more to expel the energy that it has absorbed from the interior when cooling.

The main advantages are that it has a low installation cost and it is easy to maintain. On the other hand, they tend to consume more electricity and they can be noisy.

Split air conditioning equipment (wall)

The wall split air conditioner is the most common one since they have many advantages over the window systems and are relatively inexpensive.

The split air conditioner has a compressor unit that is located outside and it is connected to the evaporator equipment inside through tubes, so the hole to be drilled in the wall is relatively small.

The variety of power offered is very wide and the noise levels are very low, also its design is very aesthetic, especially for the latest generations. Another advantage is that maintenance is easy.

On the other hand, the installation is more complicated than in the window system it is more expensive. Keep in mind that these types of systems are difficult to place in certain places, such as prefabricated walls.

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Split air conditioning equipment (ceiling)

Its operation is similar to the wall one, but they tend to be of greater capacity. Also, its installation is more expensive and complex.

As an advantage, it is very suitable for large spaces because you have high capacity in one single device, but it tends to be a bit louder and has a higher cost of installation.

Ducted air conditioning

The Ducted air conditioning is an air conditioning system, generally centralized, that is embedded in the false ceiling of your home.

The distribution of cold air, or hot if it is a reverse cycle air conditioner, is carried out through hidden ducts also located in the false ceiling that ends in strategically placed grilles.

Multi-split air conditioning

Finally, the multi-split air conditioning is a split system with one outdoor unit and several indoor units, which allows you to cool down several rooms with a single outdoor unit.

What are the things that you need to know when buying air conditioning?


We are not talking about the electrical power it consumes, but rather the cooling power it is equipped with.

The need for more or less power will be determined, not only by the surface of the room that you want to acclimatize but also by the following main factors:

  • Orientation of the room towards the south or how it faces the sun.
  • The insulation, if the room has or not a completely correct insulation system, or it is deteriorated or deficient.
  • The use of the room, if it is intended for a large number of people or just one or a few.


The amount or intensity of noise is measured in decibels (dB). Currently, most devices have a fairly low level in terms of the noise they emit during operation. However, some models make less noise than others.

A device with these characteristics should not exceed 45dB to be considered silent. If this is an important aspect for you when deciding on one model or another, the advice is to ask for the characteristics of the aircon and opt for the one with 5 stars.

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Cost and energy label

A mistake that is usually made when purchasing an air conditioner is to look at its initial sale price, and not pay enough attention to its consumption. This consumption will be, after all, the one that will determine the true cost of our air conditioning system in the long term.

Therefore, it is basic for you to consider the different labels or energy classes that are available. Keep in mind that an air conditioner can be in use for many hours, mainly in periods of high heat and therefore, consume a large amount of electrical energy.

In this way, the A +++ energy class will be the best possible option for you. Although a lower-class model may be cheaper to buy at first, the higher power consumption will eventually result in a more expensive option.

Also, you can opt for an energy-efficient air conditioner with an ECO mode, which many models have today since it allows you to use the same device with lower consumption.

For you to know what the total investment will be, consider the annual cost, where the sale price is contemplated, with a period of 10 years as average life, and sum it up with the cost of consumption.

In this way, you will be able to compare, more correctly, some models with others.

Refrigerant Gas

Refrigerant gas is a main factor to consider.

The R410A is the gas that has been used the most in recent times, and therefore the one with the greatest supply. But the greatest disadvantage is that the tax assigned to it is higher, and is in the phase of disappearing.

On the other hand, the R32 gas is the one to be used in the future and is more respectful of the environment, also it offers higher efficiency. The disadvantage is that currently, the offer is lower compared with the ones run by R410A.

Installation and maintenance

Finally, it is highly recommended that the installation of an air conditioning system be carried out by an accredited professional and the cost of this also has to be considered when buying your device.

On the other hand, proper maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioner will be essential. This will help you prevent allergies, and eliminate pollen, other particles.

The design of the device will be important in terms of facilitating access to the filters, to carry out cleaning.

If you need further advice on what to consider when buying an air conditioner do not hesitate to contact us!