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What is the inverter air conditioning technology?

An inverter air conditioner is a system that uses a specific type of compressor. The compressor is in charge of controlling the variable speeds and modulating the air conditioner. This feature is important in a moment where the environmental impact is a topic of global attention and the cost of energy is growing each year.

Nowadays, the best brands of air conditioners such as Daikin, Hitachi, Mitsubishi and LG produce equipment with this technology. Let’s learn more about its functionality and how it lets you save money and efficiently use energy.

How does the inverter technology work?

When an air conditioner has inverter technology, can regulate its speed. This is possible because the system can change the frequency of the electric cycles. This means that if you need to use less power depending on conditions, temperature, or area of operation, they can be reduced to meet that demand.

The inverter air conditioner with a high-quality compressor can reach maximum power in less time and get the ideal temperature. Once the ideal temperature is reached, the speed begins to decrease and this is kept at a minimum to maintain the desired temperature.

inverter Air Conditioner

On the other hand, the non-inverter air conditioner only has two ways to work, on or off. When you arrive at a place and turn on the air conditioning, it works at 100% until it reaches the temperature you want and it then turns off. If the aircon detects temperature changes, it turns back on increasing the electrical consumption and costs.

Main benefits of an inverter air conditioner

  • Energy-saving: The way an inverter air conditioner works, can save energy consumption up to 44% compared to a non-inverter. To understand how this technology can help you save, Engr. Nel Galero, a product expert from Panasonic, explains that you can compare it to driving a car. You save more fuel when driving on an expressway without stopping compared to needing stop signs and converging roads.
  • Environmental impact: The efficient use of energy not only helps you to save money. The analysis demonstrates that inverter air conditioners can save the CO2 emission by 49%. This is a key point to decreasing our carbon footprint.
  • More comfort: The inverter aircon offers you a more stable temperature without uncomfortable changes while you are in space. In addition, these air conditioners are usually quieter than non-inverter ones.
  • A long shelf life: Thanks to being able to lower the power to a minimum without having to turn it on continuously, the compressor will work well for longer.

Inverter Air Conditioner Saving Money

Buying an inverter air conditioner is a good investment?

Although air conditioners have a higher price, after a few months you will be able to recover the difference in money. You must bear in mind that saving energy will mean saving money on the electricity bill.

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