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Types of Air Conditioning that best fit your office

The importance of air conditioners in commercial properties like offices, cafes, shops, etc., cannot be overemphasized. Air conditioners create a conducive working environment for employees to function effectively. It also ensures the smooth running of heat-generating electronic devices like computers, printers, scanners, etc.

There are different air-conditioning systems that you can use in your offices. Each AC system has its unique healing and cooling properties. We shall highlight the various air conditioners that may be suitable for use in your office. Would you like to find out what they are? Then read on!

What air conditioner type is best for my office?

Your choice of air conditioner in your office depends on the size of your office, budget, quality, maintenance, etc. Here are the various types of air conditioners you can use in your office

Split Air Conditioning System

Daikin Split System

The cheapest Air-conditioning type suitable for use in the office is the single split. It is ideal for use in small office spaces. Split ACs can heat and cools specific areas in your office. They are also very convenient to install, making them a cost-effective heating or cooling solution for your offices.

Single split air-conditioning systems are energy efficient and may help reduce electricity consumption. Individual split systems are self-contained, which means that if one unit breaks down, it won’t affect the functionality of other units. The drawback of this AC system is that more external space is needed for installation. You will need to connect one indoor unit to an outdoor unit.

Multi-split AC

Rinnai_Inverter_Multi_Split_System_5.2kw_Wall_ Mounted_Air_Conditioning_Model_HINRA50M

The multi-split AC system has some similarities with the single split system. It uses less external space, which allows you to connect up to nine indoor units using a single outdoor unit.

Its ability to save outdoor space makes it preferable for use in offices, shops, restaurants, etc. Multi-split systems do not limit you to having a particular indoor unit type. With multi-split systems, you can have both wall and ceiling mounted indoor units.

Cassette AC system

Cassette AC system is also a space saver when used in your office. Their cassette-like shapes make them ideal for installing on your office ceiling. They come with beautiful panels that can blend with different office decors.

Apart from their stylish appearance, they also have high performance. They do not require ducting and can be used for large and small office spaces. Cassette AC systems provide cool air to accommodate about ten to fifteen persons in an office.

Ducted AC system


With Ducted Air Conditioning, the heat pump system has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The outdoor AC unit usually doesn’t vary very much between different types of Air Conditioning Systems. However indoor units can have many different forms, and in this case it has a connection to ducts.

Normally these ducts get hidden behind a suspended ceiling as it may look ugly if they are not hidden. However, it is also not uncommon to find the ducts exposed and showing out in the open as a decorative part of certain eateries and kitchens going for an industrial look.

Ducted Air Conditioners perform very well and can have high energy efficiency. They work with a single indoor unit, so it is not necessary to install multiple units in different rooms. It is aesthetically pleasing to many when it is installed up out of the way in the ceiling and it doesn’t take up space on the wall.

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