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Tips to save electricity with your air conditioning

When you save electricity, you automatically save money. Thus, when the summer months come, especially those times the weather seems to always to heat up, the use of air conditioning systems will also increase. Moreover, knowing the basic tips to help you conserve electricity will save you lots of money on electricity bills.

In this article, we have listed some basic tips that will help you save electricity with your air conditioning;

1. Install your air conditioner correctly

An air conditioner that isn’t properly installed will work harder than it usually does, thereby reducing its effectiveness and spiking monthly electricity bills. However, when installed correctly, it reduces your energy bill. More so, when you need to do any installation, always use a qualified service expert for installation. If you hire someone who doesn’t know his job well, odds are he will not perform a good job and in worst-case scenario your warranty will become worthless as a result of an improper installation.

2. Use a good thermostat

Using a thermostat in excellent condition and setting the proper room temperature at 24 degrees instead of 18 degrees will save you energy in the long run. In addition, a thermostat in excellent condition will be able to automatically switch the air conditioner ON or OFF based on human presence in the room or when the room is cold enough. What this smart feature, you reduce the chance of leaving your air conditioner ON all the time to consume electricity.

3. As much as you can, keep the SUN out

It’s true the human body requires some sunlight, but not when its rays scorch our skin on those summer days when you and your family are feeling the intensity of the heat coming from the sun and the Air conditioner is the only hope to keep everyone cool. You might also want to try keeping the air conditioner away from the sun because too much exposure to the sunlight will make the air-conditioning unit work harder than it would do on normal days. Hence, while at home, you might want to shut the windows and close your blinds to prevent the heat from reaching the air conditioning unit.

4. Get a Ceiling fan

Ceiling fan in room

While it’s a counterintuitive approach, using a ceiling fan along with your AC will, in the long run, save you lots of electricity bills. Even though it’s not possible for the fan cools the room as effectively as your air conditioning unit, it does help to move cold air evenly in your room. On the other hand, you should set the fans to blow air down to help keep the room cool. Please ensure you only use your ceiling fan when you’re around because leaving it on every time will consume more electricity.

5. Have your Air Conditioner Serviced Often

An air conditioning unit that hasn’t been serviced is likely to consume more energy than a serviced AC. So, it would be best if you used some of your free time to check the state of your air conditioner, especially the outdoor unit and the air vents. If the air vents are blocked or dirty, the system has to work hard to keep the room cool. Cleaning the air vents and having a certified technician service your AC will ensure it works well.

Wrap Up

When you are committed to the good working state of your air conditioning unit and adopting the tips we have outlined above, you will save lots of energy in the long run.