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Tips for Buying a New Air Conditioning

It’s clear that an air conditioner is more than a respite from the summer heat. Nowadays this product means air purification for your family, humidity control for your house and heating in the winters. It is normal that you want to choose the correct AC unit and Ice Blast is here to help you. Know the best tips for buying air conditioning and make the right decision.

Before we start, these are general tips, no matter what your preferred type of air conditioner is. If you want to know details about the difference between central and split air conditioners or how to install a ducted air conditioner, please visit the previous articles on our blog.

Variety and availability of air conditioners models

As in any purchase, it is important to have a variety of products to choose from. You should search for a supplier with good availability. Your air conditioner’s features should be limited to your needs and budget, not store inventory.

Nowadays, the market offers you models that can be controlled from your smartphone through apps. In this way, you can set the appropriate temperature. You can use this functionality before you get home or if you forgot it when you left home.

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What is the better AC for your home?

Typically, you can pick from four types of air conditioner: window AC, split AC, portable AC or ducted AC. Which one to choose depends on the ease of installation and the capacity you need from your unit. Let’s briefly review the characteristics of each:

  • Window Air Conditioners: A window air conditioner is the simplest type of AC unit. It’s a single unit with all of the parts and components contained inside. The unity is installed in a window (sometimes in a wall) and connects to an electrical outlet.
  • Split Air Conditioners: This type of air conditioner is split into two units, hence its name. A unit is installed in a wall into the home and the other outdoor expels the heat gathered from the indoor system.
  • Portable Air Conditioners: It is a mobile unit that does not require definitive installation, although it does need a power supply point.
  • Ducted Air Conditioners: In this system, the air is sent through ducts from a central location to hear and cool all rooms of the house at the same temperature. Usually, the unit is in the ceiling.

Cooling Capacity

To know if an AC unit has the correct cooling capacity for your house you should know the BTU capacity of the product. BTU is the acronym for British Thermal Units and it is the measure of the amount of heat that the appliance can extract from a place.

To calculate the number of BTUs that your home needs you must use the following formula:

Room volume: Length x Width x Height = X, then divide X by 2.

Example: Length 3m x Width 3m x Height 2m = 18m / 2 = 9m.

With the answer obtained 9, it could be said that between 9,000 and 12,000 BTU is required. However, the BTUs needed may vary depending on weather conditions, the number of people in the home, and other factors. To make a correct decision, we recommend you have the advice of an expert to receive personalized attention.

Ice Blast offers you a wide range of residential air conditioning solutions, including split systems and multi-unit systems from a large number of leading providers. Go to our website and get a free quote!

Think about energy efficiency

The last models in the market have energy efficiency programs. It is a key point in your choice because this feature will influence your energy bill. It is also essential to keep in mind that the more efficient your AC unit is, the less impact its operation will have on the environment.

According to statistics of 2020, 63% of people in Australia use their air con during the warmer months and the Aussies keep their unit running for 6.3 hours per day on average. The overuse of aircon units provokes a response like the one that Fox News documents in New York, where during the high temperatures that North America faces the people are willing to ditch air conditioning to reduce carbon footprint and climate change.

energy efficiency air conditioners


Discount and special offers to buy air conditioners

We all want deals and the supplier knows it. However, there are other items to consider in your purchase. Find a provider that offers you a variety of payment options. Seek to have the most comfortable and secure payment method for you. Remember that at Ice Blast we have a variety of payment methods available and you can take advantage of our cash discounts available.

Keep in mind that discounts aren’t the only way to save money. When you buy a product like an air conditioner the costs of shipping are too high. Some suppliers can offer you low prices for shipping or the possibility of picking up at a local store. Have you already visited the Ice Blast online store? When buying your AC unit you can choose if you want local pickup, own freight or include the installation cost in your payment.

Follow these tips and go ahead with your purchase of an air conditioner. With this information, you will be able to buy the best option for your home and your family. For any doubt contact the Ice Blast team. Don’t suffer through another hot summer when we can install, maintain and service your new air conditioning unit at a very affordable price!