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Things that can damage your AC system

Having a home air conditioner has many benefits. It helps immensely with your comfort and also keeps you cool on very hot days. However, sometimes you can misuse such appliances due to lack of knowledge. This can result in very expensive mistakes as the misuse can affect the efficiency and durability of devices.

There are many common mistakes that you can make with your air conditioner and that can be avoided. That is, if you are aware of the things that can damage your AC system.

In this article, we will mention a few of the common things that can damage your aircon so that you can take care of these factors at all stages of your air conditioner use.

Not cleaning the filters

For the proper functioning of your air conditioner, you need to clean the filters frequently. Our recommendation for you is to check the air filters at least monthly and clean or replace whenever dirty. Remember that it depends on which air conditioner type and filter you have as to whether you have to clean the filters or replace them with new ones.

Keep in mind that if you do not do this properly, then you are risking your air conditioning system working in a forced way. This increases energy consumption significantly. Also, the lifespan of your air conditioner will decrease! So, the last thing you what to do is forget about the filters.

Set an inadequate temperature

When you set a temperature that is too hot or too cold you may be damaging your air conditioning unit. Plus not just that; it also represents an increase in your monthly electricity bill.

It is common in very hot climates for aircon equipment to be programmed to a very low temperature. The only thing that this causes is increased energy usage. Furthermore, it can be harmful to health due to an excessive change in temperature.

The ideal temperature is typically ~25 ° C. Setting your air conditioner to this temperature is enough to make you feel comfortable, in both winter and summer. Also, it helps avoid excessive use of energy and allows your body to adapt to that temperature, preventing sudden climate changes and negative health outcomes.

Do not perform regular maintenance

An air conditioner is an appliance that you use regularly. If you have a reverse cycle system then you will likely use it even more. For this reason, if you want to ensure a long and useful life of the air conditioner it is especially important to have an expert who performs annual cleaning and maintenance.

You can even carry out preventive maintenance every 6 months. This is because while you can check the air conditioner from the outside and it may appear all fine and clean, the reality is that on the inside it can be full of dust, dirty, mould, and more.

Furthermore, it is important that the expert check the system to ensure the correct operation of all the air conditioner components. Potential issues can also often be detected at this stage.

Male technician cleaning air conditioner indoors

Keep the curtains open/closed

In summer, when the heat is particularly strong, it is important to keep the curtains down and/or closed to reduce the possibility of excessive heat entering the house. This helps you keep your house cool and reduce demand on the air conditioner.

On the other hand, if you have a reverse cycle air conditioner that keeps you warm in winter, then you need to open the curtains so you can let the sun’s heat warm up your place even more.

Not using the fan properly

In small or large spaces it is practical to complement the use of air conditioning with a ceiling fan. In this way, you will be favouring conditioned air circulation throughout the environments which can typically reduce the perceived temperature by 4 or 5 degrees.

On the other hand, in winter, it is ideal to use the fan in the reverse motion in order to blow the air upwards. This draws down the accumulated heat in the upper area of the room, increasing the perceived temperature significantly.

Leave the air conditioner on when you are not home

Leaving the air conditioner on when no one is home typically represents a huge waste of energy. Keep in mind that this will also reduce the expected lifespan of your air conditioner units.

Furthermore, you can’t always control your air conditioner when you are not home. So, if something is malfunctioning then you won’t be able to act immediately.

Bad installation

When installing the outdoor unit keep in mind that it needs a constant and uninterrupted flow of air due to heat that is produces during the refrigeration cycle. The unit should be located on the outside in such a way that it does not overheat.

When installing the indoor unit, it is usual to think that placing the equipment near the bed will provide you with greater comfort. However, if the air conditioning goes directly onto your body, it can contribute to respiratory disease. Another common mistake is to place it facing a door, so when you open the door the air will escape.

All of this happens when there is inadequate technical advice. For this reason, you need to hire a trained and experienced HVAC technician to install the unit. It is a delicate process that requires expert knowledge to help ensure that the equipment does not suffer unnecessary future failures.

Young man electrician installing air conditioner

Misusage during the night

During the night the body has a greater capacity to adapt to cool or warm temperature. For this reason, you can program the air conditioner with a few degrees of difference. By doing this, you won’t waste energy unnecessarily which can again reduces the life of the air conditioner system.

Buying a wrong size air conditioner

One of the key factors when choosing the ideal air conditioning system is to consider the dimensions of the place to be climatized and the size of the air conditioner. If it is very small, perhaps all you need is a portable air conditioner or a mini-split system, instead of a bigger ducted air conditioner or packaged system.

You will not only save money with the initial investment, but you will also save energy and help prevent avoidable air conditioner damage or malfunction.

We hope you found this article useful and put it to practice to avoid damaging your air conditioner system without even realizing it.