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10 Reasons to Service an Air Conditioner

Infography about 10 reasons to service an air conditioner

Failing to arrange a proper air conditioner service is more common than you may think in most Australian households.  This is because people think that AC maintenance can be costly, and the unit may still function without being attended to or even full repaired in some cases.

Please don’t make that mistake!  Your air conditioning system can develop serious problems if you just wait until aircon repairs are required.  You will likely need to pay more in the long run and your system won’t reach its full life expectancy.  Also, you will not be enjoying the full AC benefits as the system will fail to operate at maximum capacity.

If you are still wondering what are the reasons to service an air conditioner, even if it is still operational, keep reading.

Improve indoor air quality

Your air conditioner unit may be clogged with dust and dirt, or even worse, bacteria and mould.  You and your family could be breathing in this contaminated air without even realising it.

This can lead to health issues, especially if someone in your family is asthmatic or suffers from   allergic reactions.

If you carry out air conditioner repairs and perform routine AC maintenance, then you will improve the air condition for you and your family.  This creates a healthy and safer indoor environment.

Reduce airborne allergens and bacteria

By servicing your air conditioner you will help ensure a healthy life for your family, as a clean air con and clean air filters can lead to dust-free and bacteria-free air.

Many air conditioners used nowadays include air purification and filtration systems.  These are based on technologies that have been proven to be highly effective in helping to reduce viruses, bacteria and particles in suspension just by the air recirculation itself.

You will not enjoy those benefits if your AC is poorly performing because of inadequate aircon servicing.

Breathing clean air

Reduce the risks of diseases

Health and many diseases related to air conditioning have to do with poor air quality.  You can avoid these with regular servicing and HVAC maintenance.

Remember that the common cold, sore throat and tonsillitis can developed if you deny quality air to your family by not servicing your AC units.

Improve aircon performance

With service and maintenance, the air conditioner’s high performance will be ensured.  What is the point of buying the best air conditioner on the market if it won’t be working at its maximum capacity?

Also remember that despite the type of air conditioner you have, all of them need regular maintenance and service.  There are no exceptions.

Air Conditioner Performance

Improve energy efficiency

A regular aircon service will guarantee that your air conditioner runs at optimal capacity.  Remember that an AC may lose up to 5% of its efficiency each year if you do not properly service it or perform regular maintenance.

Keep in mind that high efficiency means that your aircon will perform better and consume less energy.  It will also be able to cool down or warm up a space much quicker.

Increase the life of an aircon system

The life span of your air conditioner depends on the size of the area it provides heating or cooling to, as well as other factors.  The average for a home air conditioner is 10 to 15 years. Now think about how that number could be halved without regular air con cleaning, servicing and maintenance.

It can be compared exactly with how your body functions.  If you do not exercise regularly, eat healthily, and check on your health every now and then, your life expectancy may decrease.  On the flipside, if you check on your health regularly and maintain yourself with a healthy diet and exercise then your life expectancy may increase.

Air conditioners work in much the same way.  You need to replace the damaged parts, clean it and make sure it’s working as designed on a regular basis.

Switching the air conditioner

Identify problems before they occur

You need to consider that it is not easy to identify an AC problem just by looking at the unit.

When you call an air conditioning contractor for maintenance, they will open up the units and do a comprehensive check.  This way, they will be able to identify any problem internally before it gets worse and causes more major, costly aircon repairs.

Or even better, by performing proper AC maintenance, there will be little to no room for a problem to even occur.

Reduce breakdowns

Premature breakdowns may occur if you do not perform maintenance regularly and service your air conditioner.  Remember that small issues that are not resolved in time may turn in the bigger problems that will surly cost more to repair.

If you left those aircon problems untreated it can lead to damage of the whole AC unit.  In the worst-case scenario you will end up having to buy a new air conditioner.

Keep you warmer or cooler all year

Without aircon servicing, air conditioner performance will be poor.  This will lead to the air conditioning system failing to condition the space to the desired temperature.

This can occur even when using your air conditioner in its max setting.  The AC will keep drawing power and try to perform, but will just be using excess electricity and be worn out faster.

Furthermore, what is the point of getting air conditioning if you will not support it performing as it should?  Do not wait too long to service your aircon and guarantee high performance.

Broken Air Conditioning

Save time and money

While you may think air con cleaning and servicing is expensive, you do not know how expensive it can get if you don’t pick up and solve issues in time.  Small damage may become huge if you do not service, repair or replace components soon enough.  In the long run, it will end up costing you more.

So, if you want to save money, keep track of when you need to perform maintenance or service to your AC.

Remember that preventive maintenance reduces the need for repairs in the future.  It can prevent permanent damage which would cost you more as you may end up needing to buy a whole new air conditioner.

Also keep in mind that for you to maintain the aircon warranty, you need to service the units regularly from day of installation.  If you fail to comply, your warranty may no longer be valid.  This means more money if your air conditioner has a manufacturing flaw.

Air conditioning savings

Remember that calling the experts to service your air conditioner will always be the best idea.

If you have any questions, or if you need our help regarding aircon servicing, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our friendly team will be happy to help.