LG 5.0KW Premium Inverter Split System WH18SL-19

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LG 5.0KW Premium Inverter Split System WH18SL-19


1. Built-in Wi-Fi Smart Control. The LG Smart ThinQ app lets you access and control your air conditioner with your smartphone even when you’re not at home. Feature can be accessed using LG Smart ThinQ app on Android or IOS smartphones. Internet connection required.
2. Plasmaster Ioniser Plus & Auto Cleaning. The Plasmaster Ioniser generates over 3 million plasma ions which filtrate the air in the indoor environment and inside the air conditioning unit.
3. Dual Protection Filter. Dual protection filter air con The first medium coarse filter captures dust size over 3µm. The second filter captures microscopic particles down to 0.3µm in size.
4. Standby Mode. The Standby Mode feature minimises standby electricity consumption when the air conditioner is not in use

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 Installation (Price On Request)
 Local Pickup
 Own Freight


Indoor Model: WH18SLN-19
Outdoor Model: WH18SLU-19


Additional information

Weight 67 kg
Dimensions 48 × 116 × 126 cm


Unit Type

Reverse Cycle

System Type

Split System


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