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Hitachi RAI-E50YHA 5.0kw “E” Series Inverter Reverse Cycle Compact Cassette System


Compact Solution

One of the most compact cassettes on the market 570 x 570mm. The mini cassette can be embedded within one ceiling tile total dimension with facia panel is 620X620mm.

The flexibility of a Hitachi cassette

Power consumption levels (as a percentage of the maximum) can be selected in advance. Following an external command during operation, the system will automatically detect the amount of power being used and limit itself to the predetermined amount during peak power usage periods.

RAI-E50YHA  – 5.0kW R32 E Series Compact Cassette Fan Coil Unit

RAC-E50YHA  – 5.0kW R32 E Series Inverter Outdoor Unit – Reverse Cycle

P-AP56NAM – Fascia to suit RAI-E50YHA

SPX-WKT3 – Wired Wall Controller


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4-way airflow cassettes are an economical and effective way of air conditioning open areas with high occupancy or traffic,

Powerful and flexible

Compact models making them Ideal for small to medium sized commercial areas such as offices, restaurants and retail. One of the most compact cassettes on the market 570 x 570mm. The mini cassette can be embedded within one ceiling tile total dimension with facia panel is 620X620mm. Lights or other installations are able to be installed in the adjoining ceiling tiles.


Automatically adjusts the airflow volume, direction and temperature according to the amount of activity. (Optional)

Silky flow

The new structured silky flow louver is designed to reduce the discomfort caused by temperature irregularity and cold drafts. Individual control setting for each louver is available.

Air Cloud Wi-Fi

A NEW app that lets you control your air conditioner from anywhere. Simplicity of an app. airCloud Home is a user- friendly interface that lets you create comfort directly from your smartphone. Turn units on or off, adjust the temperature and fan speed, and set custom schedules.

Smart-Fence Location Control

Smart Fence – connect your air conditioner to your phone’s location and enjoy the benefits of automated comfort. Set up your smart-fence perimeter from 500km to 10km around your house. Select your preferred behaviour as you leave or enter the smart-fence perimeter.

As you arrive home Your air conditioner will turn on automatically, helping to create a comfortable and welcoming indoor climate.

As you leave home Your air conditioner will stop automatically or switch to a more economic pre-set temperature for optimal energy efficiency.

Drain Pump

Equipped with an automatic drain pump, compact cassettes can lift water from the condensate drain pan up to 600mm. An internal low-voltage drain pump removes accumulated condensate from the drain pan, even during unit operation. A float switch monitors the water level and automatically activates the pump as necessary. A silver ion antibacterial agent inhibits slime build-up, while a larger drain diameter assists in more efficient drainage.



Comprehensive 5 year Manufacturers warranty on parts and labour for your home or business

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