Carrier 2.1KW Inverter Split System 38/42QHC020

/Carrier 2.1KW Inverter Split System 38/42QHC020

Carrier 2.1KW Inverter Split System 38/42QHC020


1. Follow me. The sensor built into the remote controller is active and the air conditioner will regular the room temperature around the remote controller.
2. Silent mode. The indoor unit can operate at a lower noise level.  This occurs as the fan speed can shirt lower, thereby reducing the sound of the indoor unit.
3. Louver position memory. When starting the unit (after shutting down) the louvers will restore to the angle originally set by the user.
4. Hidden display. Light can be turned off by remote controller when unit is running.


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Indoor Model: 42QHC020 2.1KW
Outdoor Model: 38QHC020 2.1KW

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