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Mitsubishi Electric vs Mitsubishi Heavy Industries


The world of air conditioning is a pretty cool place (pun intended), with a wide range of choices available.  Different brands can be smart, sophisticated, or both.  Apart from Daikin (which is often compared to Mitsubishi), Mitsubishi is the other major AC brand name mentioned and requested on a daily basis.

Our response to that request?  – Which Mitsubishi?

Most people either have a preference, or ask: Which Mitsubishi air conditioner is best?

Many people are actually unaware that there are two different Mitsubishi aircon brands: Mitsubishi Electric (MELCO or ME) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHIAA or MHI).  It is confusing as they both share the classic Mitsubishi three red diamond logo.



Mitsubishi logo





Both brands do have a shared history that goes way back to the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. in the 1870s.  Mitsubishi’s broad company name is involved in many different areas; shipbuilding, cars, tools, equipment, aviation, missiles, and even aerospace components.

However, in air conditioning, there are two completely separate companies and have been for over 100 years now.  Over time, they have taken different paths and developed their own unique identities in the HVAC industry.

If you’re looking to set up a comfy home or a cool commercial space, choosing between Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries goes beyond just picking a brand.  It’s about finding what suits your unique requirements and preferences, while considering key differences between the Mitsubishi air conditioner brands.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these two players sharing the Mitsubishi name and iconic red logo and break down what they’re all about.   We’ll make sure you have all the information you need to make the right choice for yourself.


Section 1: Brand Legacy and Evolution

1.1 Mitsubishi Electric: A Legacy of Innovation

The story of Mitsubishi Electric (ME) is one of constant evolution and innovation.  Born from the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. in the early 20th century (1870), this brand has firmly established itself as a frontrunner in the air conditioning industry.

In 1921, over 50 years after original formation, Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co diversified and created a range of new offset companies.  One of the new companies was Mitsubishi Electric Corporation with a focus on household goods and electronics.  Theses days they have an increased focus on air conditioning over other electronic items.  In Australia, they have been part of home and commercial air conditioning for over 45 years.

Renowned for their dedication to technological advancement, Mitsubishi Electric has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R).  For example, they recently developed the Aluminum Vertical Flat Tube Design, which dramatically enhances heat exchanger performance by up to 40%.

ME also has a commitment to meticulous testing standards, under their MEQ banner.  They have set a high bar for quality and efficiency in their products.  This drive for excellence has not only cemented Mitsubishi Electric’s reputation as one of the innovators in the HVAC&R industry, but also as a brand synonymous with reliability and quality.

1.2 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: Diversified Strength

On the other side of the Mitsuhishi comparison is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), a powerhouse in its own right.  Emerging from the same original roots as Mitsubishi Electric, MHI has grown into a diversified industrial giant.

The original company (Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co) rebranded as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd in 1934.  MHI was then split into three Japanese entries in 1950, only to be re-consolidated as one in 1964.  The other notable split occurred in 1970, when Mitsubishi Motors Corporation was separated out of MHI.

MHI has shown a remarkable ability to adapt and excel.  In Australia, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia, Pty Ltd has taken out the CHOICE® Best Brand of Air Conditioners award for six consecutive years (2018 – 2023).  This accolade cements MHI’s strong position in the HVAC industry.  MHI’s approach is characterised by a blend of strength, diversity, and a commitment to meeting a broad spectrum of customer needs.


Section 2: Product Range and Design Aesthetics

2.1 Mitsubishi Electric: Elegance Meets Innovation

When it comes to product range, Mitsubishi Electric stands out with its sophisticated and elegantly designed air conditioning units.  But it’s not just the exterior that impresses.  Inside, these units are packed with innovation.

Mitsubishi Electric distinguishes itself in the market with its smart and tastefully built air conditioning equipment.  Their devotion to combining practicality with aesthetic appeal is demonstrated by the MSZ-AP Series, from the current range of Mitsubishi Electric wall split systems.

Mitsubishi Electric wall split air conditioners are a favourite among people who appreciate both performance and look.  Their streamlined designs easily mesh with a variety of home decors.


Mitsubishi air conditioner colour themed rooms


Mitsubishi Electric also offers a wide variety of ducted air conditioners.  The Mitsubishi Electric ducted systems range varies in terms of size and power.  This translates into a wider range of pricing available.

Popular features of ME ducted systems include a weekly timer, a multilingual display, and the option to adjust upper and lower temperature restrictions to avoid overheating or cooling.  These features can also help to lower electricity costs and conserve energy.

ME also have a range of commercial-specific Ducted Air Conditioners, known as Mr Slim Air Conditioning Systems.

These commercial air conditioners provide a great solution for businesses, especially in light commercial settings.

Mitsubishi Electric’s commitment to providing aesthetically pleasing and cutting-edge air conditioning solutions is demonstrated by the attention to detail in both design and functionality.  Mitsubishi’s dedicated focus on innovation, especially air conditioning, as indeed paid off.


2.2 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: Robust and Reliable Range

The design philosophy of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries places a premium on durability and adaptability.  You would likely expect nothing less with the words ‘heavy industries’ in their name.  However, they predominately have domestic air conditioners only, rather than commercial or industrial as may otherwise be expected by their name.

While MHI air conditioners can be used in a commercial setting, they are not specifically designed or intended for this application.  The exception is Cassette systems, which both MHI and ME have, that are mainly used in the commercial setting rather than in the home.

MHI product line includes the includes the well-known Avanti® and Bronte® series in the MHI wall split system range.  Their six-year award of CHOICE® Best Brand of Air Conditioners and recent five-year award of Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customer Award for air conditioners highlight the popularity of these models.

MHI is considered a solid mid-range air conditioning brand.  Their designs may prioritise functionality above style, but quality is not sacrificed.  Customers seeking long-term dependability in their air conditioning systems should consider MHI’s products as they are designed to endure the trials of time and use.


Section 3: Technological Innovations and Features

3.1 Mitsubishi Electric: Pioneering with Precision

Mitsubishi Electric’s steadfast dedication to technological innovation lies at the core of company success. Their Aluminium Vertical Flat Tube Design, which can transform heat exchanger performance by an astounding 40%, is a recent noteworthy accomplishment.

The popular MSZ-AP series wall split air conditioners are stylishly with more than meets the eye.  These units’ interiors are brimming with cutting-edge innovations including the Dual Barrier Coating, which increases longevity and efficiency.

Popular features of Mitsubishi Electric wall split air conditioners include Quiet Mode and Wi-Fi Control.   They also offer Advanced Filtration with Electrostatic, Nano Platinum, and Plasma Quad Plus levels of filtration built into different series.  Indoor units can even come in black or red colour options in the top end of the model range.

Mitsubishi’s Mr Slim range of commercial ducted air conditioners provide business specific innovations and solutions.   Popular features include greater flexibility with design, wide range of controls, longer pipe runs, and cleaning free pipe re-use technology.

Mitsubishi Electric keeps raising the bar with every new model, making sure its consumers are always using the newest advancements in air conditioning technology.  They are often considered second only to Daikin in the innovation department.

Mitsubishi air conditioner winning awards including Choice and Canstar

3.2 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: Robust Performance, Enhanced Efficiency

The technology used by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries combines improved efficiency with strong performance.  Their manufacturing legacy is reflected in the design of their air conditioners, which are built to endure wear and tear over time.

The popular Avanti and Bronte series offer large indoor units with large heat exchangers to improve energy efficiency.  They also offer Clean Air Technology, with deodorising filters, allergen clean filters, anti-microbial fans, and self-clean operations.

MHI offer a range of ducted air conditioners, up to 28kW.  While they have a smaller range than Mitsubishi Electric, they do offer features such a Bluefin-coated components for increase weather protection.

The product ranges available are suitable for residential and light-commercial application.  Their name combined with consumer awards have seen MHI become a household name in air conditioning.  They offer solid, efficient air conditioners sure to keep Australians cool and happy for many years to come.

Section 4: Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact

4.1 Mitsubishi Electric: Leading the Way in Energy Efficiency

These days, environmental awareness is non-negotiable.  Choosing an energy-efficient air conditioner is key for any new AC purchase.  Mitsubishi Electric is notable for its dedication to energy efficiency in response to this requirement.  The company’s creative air conditioning designs often puts energy efficiency ahead of performance.  This demonstrates its commitment to lowering carbon footprints.

Their latest development is a prime example of ME’s environmental concern as well as an efficiency achievement.  This is the new Aluminium Vertical Flat Tube Design.  In addition to this, unit design, compressor power, flexibility with duct design, range of controls options, and range of other features contribute to the overall energy efficiency of their air conditioners.

Their decision to sustainably supply the world’s energy demands is further demonstrated by their establishment of new outlets around the world.  By setting up shop in countries where their brand is popular, costs can be reduced in terms of money and impact on the environment.

Mitsubishi Electric is a leader in terms of sustainable practises by concentrating on creating powerful and energy-efficient air conditioners.  Their products are made with consideration for the environment and energy efficiency, not merely for the sake of heating or cooling homes and commercial spaces.

4.2 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: Robust and Environmentally Conscious

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries combines an environmental awareness with their strong design philosophy to achieve energy efficiency.  This has helped maintain their position as a popular air conditioning brand in Australia.

MHI’s dedication to environmentally friendly solutions is evident in their latest models.  When compared to previous models of the same size, there is a notable reduction in energy usage.  They also come Demand Response Enabling Device (DRED)-enabled in Queensland to further reduce carbon footprint and energy bills.

The company is also up to date with the new Zoned Energy Rating Labels in Australia and has been for many years.  Their air conditioning equipment’s increased efficiency and keeping up with current trends is a direct response to the industry’s growing need for ecologically friendly solutions.

MHI’s emphasis on making goods that are both robust and energy-efficient is indicative of their awareness of the needs of contemporary consumers, who prioritise sustainability and dependability.  MHI is making a significant contribution to the development of an environmentally conscious air conditioning industry by consistently modifying and enhancing their technology to be more energy-conscious.

Happy customer on phone to Mitsubishi Electric customer support


Section 5: Customer Service and After-Sales Support

5.1 Mitsubishi Electric: Excellence in Customer Support

Mitsubishi Electric provides excellent customer service even after their air conditioners are sold.  This includes for general enquires and also in the unlikely event that warranty repairs are needed.  Their commitment to quality and dependability is reflected in their after-sales service strategy.

Mitsubishi Electric makes sure that their clients get the help they require, when they need it.  They achieve this by offering a strong local after-sales support programmes and strong relationships with HVAC&R companies and suppliers.  This includes access to internal technical assistance and having a large inventory of spare parts.

The complete 5-year parts and labour guarantee offered by ME for residential applications adds to peace of mind.  Their confidence in the calibre of their products is demonstrated by this guarantee.  They provide outstanding customer care and technical assistance because they recognise that a great product must be complemented by great service.

5.2 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: A Focus on Reliability and Recognition

When it comes to customer service, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has established a solid reputation as a trustworthy and accommodating company.  Their 2023 Australian Business Awards Employer of Choice title is a testament to their dedication to excellence in both their personnel and their products, including after-sales support providers.

MHI’s attention to long-lasting performance and sturdy construction is matched by their commitment to client satisfaction.  The recognition and faith that consumers have in their brand is reflected in their awards and accolades.  However, they do tend to have more warranty issues than ME.

The cornerstone of MHI’s customer service strategy is offering dependable and effective assistance.  While they don’t have the same sized support network in Australia, they do strive to make sure that each and every client interaction is as strong as their product line.


Conclusion: Making the Right Choice with Mitsubishi Air Conditioning

As we conclude our exploration of Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, it’s clear that both brands stand as titans in the air conditioning industry.  Each has its own unique strengths and specialties.

Mitsubishi Electric shines with its innovative technology, energy-efficient designs, commercial applications, and commitment to customer satisfaction.  Their products are a blend of style, efficiency, and technological advancements.  This makes them a superb choice for those who value cutting-edge features and aesthetics.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, with its robust and reliable products, stands out for its durability and versatility.  Recognised for their industrial strength and popularity, MHI air conditioners are tailored for longevity and consistent performance.  This appeals to those who prioritise popularity and robust construction in their HVAC solutions.

The choice between ME and MHI ultimately boils down to your specific needs and preferences.  If you’re drawn to the latest in technological advancements, sleek designs, and energy efficiency, Mitsubishi Electric is an excellent choice.  However, if your priority lies in long-lasting, robust, and popular air conditioning solutions, MHI will not disappoint.

Both brands, rooted in the legacy of Mitsubishi, assure quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, making them leaders in the air conditioning market.  As you make your decision, remember that whether you choose ME or MHI, you are choosing a brand that represents strength in the air conditioning industry.  An reputable local Air Conditioning company can always help walk through the process with you.

Lady not sure which air conditioner brand is best. Considering Mitsubishi Electric, MHI and Daikin options

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!  Have you used products from either Mitsubishi Electric or Mitsubishi Heavy Industries?  What were the deciding factors for your choice?  Share your insights and join the conversation as we delve deeper into the world of air conditioning options.  Your comments and stories could be the guiding light for others making their choice in this ever-evolving market.