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LG Residential

LG Air Conditioning Installation


LG residential air conditioning systems are known for their stylish designs and smart technology, which gives you perfect temperatures no matter what the season. Choose from a wide range of products from sleek split system design, window wall units and multi-split system solutions that can cool and heat your entire space quickly and efficiently.

In addition to offering world class design and enerfy efficiency, LG also proudly provides excellent user manuals and warranties with a number of different specifications for each type of unit.

LG residential AC unit

Creative, stylish for the home

LG residential unit

A wide selection of different residential units, all width a warranty

LG efficient design

Energy efficient designs

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We provide a wide range of options for the installation and maintenance of commercial and residential air-conditioning units.

Residential Air Conditioning
Residential Air Conditioning

We can warm up your home this winter.

Commercial Repairs
Commercial Repairs

Our reliable team is just what your business needs.

Ducted AC System
Ducted AC System

Our range of ducted systems make cooling convenient.

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