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How tech is redefining the future of air conditioning?

Air conditioning has become so necessary that many forget that less than a century ago it didn’t even exist. Also, air conditioning has changed a lot through the time thanks to tech and all of its advances.

Just a few years ago, we used to associate air conditioning with equipment that is quite large, noisy and not very efficient in terms of energy consumption. Today, thanks to tech applied to air conditioners the improvements are truly spectacular.

With the current technology, many of the main benefits are in terms of energy efficiency, noise reduction and automation.

Still, nowadays, tech keeps redefining air conditioning and there are several changes that you will see implemented in the near future and today we will share with you.

Voice control

An air conditioner is undoubtedly one of the best allies in the summer due to the high temperatures. But this can be much more comfortable if it has functions that facilitate its management and control, such as voice control command.

In most of the current air conditioning equipment, or better known as the new generation air conditioners, you will see an integrated voice command that with a remote control it will allow you voice control. Also you will see voice commands through an application.

Filters self-cleaning

Air conditioners tend to accumulate a lot of dirt in their filters. This is because the filters are designed to prevent the passage of particles or dirt into the air that is expelled in the rooms.

This is why filters get filled with residues that need to be cleaned. Keep in mind that in general cleaning the filters should be done regularly. Many people forget about this important step since it is not directly visible and on many occasions it is usually believed that it is not necessary.

To avoid this, there are already air conditioners that offer this function. The idea is that the same device does the cleaning of the filters automatically. A very innovative technology that guarantees us to always have our air conditioner clean which maximizes air quality.

This also has great benefits regarding health because the accumulation of dirt and bacteria may cause diseases. With filters self-cleaning diseases could be avoided. Also, with self-cleaning, manufacturers ensure more hygiene in these appliances, and therefore fewer health-related problems for users.

Heat pumps with R32 refrigerant

Heat pumps are heating and air conditioning equipment that is used in a very efficient way for the AC to work with very low energy consumption. However, in the past refrigerant gases were used, which used to be quite harmful to the ozone layer due to their high pollutant level.

Today, the laws are much harsher in relation to air conditioning and it is for this reason that manufacturers are looking for alternatives not only to comply with these laws, but also to contribute to the planet.

A heat pump is in itself really efficient, but mixing it with R32 refrigerant gas makes it even more attractive since this gas is one of the least polluting.

Intelligent control system

Smart climate control replaces your AC remote control. It allows you to control the temperature of your house from wherever you are. There are two ways the Smart AC Control can operate to control your air conditioner:

In thermostatic control

Smart climate control operates directly on your AC. This acts as a room thermostat and measures the current temperature in the room. It also turns your AC on and off to maintain the temperature you’ve set.

In non-thermostatic control

The intelligent climate control sends a temperature setpoint and settings to your AC. Your air conditioner directly controls and maintains the room temperature based on the measured temperature and the fully programmed setpoint temperature.

woman using smartphone controlled application

Heating, cooling and DHW units

Air conditioning systems that have heating and cooling incorporated in the same unit are  getting more popular day to day. This is because many manufacturers have realized that creating integral AC units avoids people’s inconvenience of buying another system.

For example, there already exists an AC that was designed to cover heating, cooling and domestic hot water consumption. This makes it a device with multiple functions and definitely a great solution for many homes that are looking to have a system that covers their needs.

Bladeless fan

A fan without blades is one of the latest innovations that we can find in the market regarding air conditioning. Not only is it quite an aesthetic equipment, but it is capable of cooling the rooms with great power.

The fans without blades actually do have them but they have them hidden in such a way that they are not visible to the user.

Air conditioning and ventilation by aerothermal energy

The air conditioning and ventilation sector has revolutionized a lot due to aerothermal energy, as it works with a heat pump extracting energy from the subsoil in the form of latent heat.

Keep in mind that air and ground are excellent carriers of energy and at the same time they are renewable. In order to get that kind of energy you need a mechanical compression cycle and an electric compressor.

Remember that when it comes to ventilation and energy changes will be several through time for air conditioning as manufacturers are always trying to use more eco friendly elements.

Controlled mechanical ventilation

Controlled mechanical ventilation is a device itself which goes integrated into the house or building. It works with central ventilation that forces the extraction of air to renew and thus guarantee the quality of the indoor air.

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation makes it possible to efficiently manage energy consumption when renewing the air inside a building.

woman using app on smartphone

In conclusion, the future of air conditioning is changing and you are able to get the most advanced air conditioning for your home already. Things like air purification, built-in cleaning systems and controlled ventilation are revolutionizing the market and you can be part of it.