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How much does it cost to replace an AC unit?

If you already have an air conditioner at home but it is time to replace it, the good news is that it will cost you much less to renovate it, contrary to what it could have cost an installation for the first time. Still, it is a good idea to know what exactly you need to do to replace it and have an estimate to know if it goes according to your budget.


There are plenty of reasons to replace an air conditioner. The main one is when the air conditioner gets damaged, but also you can replace it when you want a different type of air conditioner system.


For example, replacing your aircon works for you if you want to change it for a multi-split to have an air conditioner in several rooms or if you want to drastically goes from the ducted air conditioner to Split air conditioner and vice versa.


Keep in mind that if you want the same type of air conditioner, replacing it is not only cheaper but easier to install as you can replace one compressor with another and take advantage of the holes that already exist in the walls.


What to consider to replace your air conditioner?

If you are going to replace your air conditioner, do it for something better. This means a system with better qualities and we give you some ideas.

Optimize frigories

The most important thing about an air conditioner is its ability to cool down the environment. It must have enough power to cool the room in a short period.

The frigories per hour measure the capacity of the air conditioner to absorb the heat in one hour.

To calculate the frigories, experts recommend assigning a minimum of 100 frigories per square meter, but we recommend you to ask an expert in the matter so he can give you the best advice and get a better aircon than the one you used to have.

Energy efficiency

The second aspect to consider is energy efficiency. Air conditioning is one of the appliances that consume the most, so it is important to choose an air conditioning that has the highest possible energy efficiency, that is, that consumes the least possible depending on the power it offers.

This value appears on a label and is measured by letters. From lowest to highest efficiency: D, C, B, A. Remember that the A + sign indicates additional improvement.

It is recommended that the appliance you buy has an A ++ or A +++ efficiency, to reduce the electricity monthly bill.

electrician installing air conditioning


The most common thing is to put our air conditioning to work while we are in the room. That is why you must make as little noise as possible especially if we use it at night while we sleep.

The noise is measured in decibels (dB) and the air conditioners that have silent mode usually stay at 19 or 20 dB. Always try to buy the one that generates the least noise.

Air conditioner replacement cost

Split-air conditioner replacement

The cost depends on the type of air conditioner and the fees to install it. Usually, a split system can vary from $600 to $5500. The best thing you can do is ask for a quotation as this variation also depends on the brand and model, the size and capacity, the features that it has and even the season.

Also, keep in mind that the installation cost may vary from $600 to 800 and also depends on the work that the licensed air conditioner installer will be spending on the work as they charge per hour. It may sound costly at the beginning but it is worth it, you cannot trust someone that is not qualified to install an air conditioner.

Other factors that affect the replacement cost

If you are going to install more than one unit, then the cost will increase. Also, it depends on the type, the size and the brand.

How long the installation will last is another factor and this depends mainly on the complexity of the installation, if some electrical work must be done and how much cabling and piping is needed.

However, keep in mind that replacement is cheaper than installing a new system mainly because the installer can use the same pathway of the piping so there is less work to do. This also means that most probably any electrical work will be required so the cost will be lower as well.

woman using thermostat

Central air conditioner replacement

There are many reasons to perform a ducted air conditioner replacement. For example, a well-performing ducted air conditioning raises your real estate value if you want to sell your home at some point, also you will be comfortable with a good air conditioner, especially in the summer.

What you will get replaced on a central air conditioner is the condensing unit, the refrigerant line set, the indoor coil and of course you will be charged also with the installation.

Many factors affect the installation cost, for example, the job complexity, the place where you live and the season as well. Remember that when HVAC companies are busiest it is less probable to find sales and other kinds of incentives.

What you also can improve by replacing your central air conditioner is the AC performance.

Other factors that affect the replacement cost

If you need to do something with the thermostat or get any ductwork done then this will increase the cost of the replacement. Also, it is recommended for you to check your central system first, so you have to call an expert that will charge an inspection fee and then will tell you what exactly you need to replace.

Keep in mind that ductwork is only needed when your home has cheap and in-poor condition ducts. Also, when it comes to the thermostat, most of the time you do not have to do anything with it, but a lot of people the homeowner change the thermostat as well with one with more features.

We hope you found this guide useful and remember that if you have any questions or if you need a replacement for your air conditioner we are more than happy to help.