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How does an AC Compressor work?

The compressor makes up the heart of an Air Conditioner’s cooling cycle. It is located outside the air conditioning unit and is responsible for cooling the refrigerant. A faulty AC compressor may lead to an increase in energy consumption. The air from the air conditioner may become hotter than normal due to poor refrigerant circulation.

The compressor has to function optimally for your air conditioning system to provide a good cooling effect. But how does an AC compressor work? What are the functions of an AC compressor? Let’s find out!

Here is how an AC compressor work

Your air conditioner compressor helps to cool the refrigerant. After leaving the evaporator of your ac air conditioner, the liquid refrigerant transforms into a low-pressure gas after absorbing heat. The refrigerant absorbs the heat from the room in your ac evaporator since heat rises to occupy cooler areas.

The gaseous refrigerant enters the compressor, which cools the hot refrigerant. Here is where your ac compressor works its magic. Firstly, it compresses the gaseous refrigerant into a liquid by increasing the. The AC condenser coils absorb the heat from the gaseous refrigerant. The cooling process continues as the refrigerant is further cooled before the now liquid refrigerant is fed into the evaporator coils of your air conditioning system.

The heating and cooling loop of the refrigerant continues as long your air conditioner is turned on to ensure your home stays cool and feels comfortable.

What are the functions of an air conditioning compressor?

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You have seen how an AC compressor guarantees proper home or office space cooling. Here are some of the primary functions of your air conditioner compressor.

  • Transfer of heat

The AC compressor helps push the gaseous refrigerant to the condenser coil outside the air conditioner. The AC fans blow the cool air outside over the condenser coils and extract heat from the gaseous refrigerant before transferring it to the outside air.

  • Transforms the hot refrigerant to a liquid

As the compressor helps in cooling the refrigerant, the hot gas condenses into a warm liquid passed at high pressure to the expansion valve. The warm liquid then turns into a cool and low-pressure liquid before entering the evaporator coil.

How would you know if your AC compressor is working?

AC Multimeter

Your air conditioner compressor is a highly essential part of your AC system. Your AC compressor must function properly for effective cooling. However, the compressor may develop a fault as the air conditioning system ages or due to poor maintenance. One of the signs of a faulty ac compressor is an abnormal change in temperature or airflow. The leakage of refrigerant or moisture around your air conditioning unit is another sign of a faulty compressor. You may hear strange noises from your AC unit indicating that the ac compressor may be faulty.

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