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How do you know if your air conditioner is broken?

Your air conditioner becomes vital when the summer months arrive. For this reason, you should check that it is working properly all year round. Remember that many things can damage your air conditioner whether you are using it or not. You should be able to recognize if it is broken in order to fix it before the heavy, humid summer heat hits you.

For example, do you know what could be the main failures of your air conditioner system? How to check it? If you can fix it by yourself or do you call an expert?

For this reason, in this article, we aim to show you what are the common failures of your air conditioner, what are some things that may damage it, and how to know if it is better to repair it or replace it.

Lack of maintenance

One of the main reasons for an air conditioner to stop working is lack of maintenance. Remember that to extend the lifespan of your air conditioner you need to give proper maintenance and cleaning regularly. If not, your machine may present some failures you do not even know about. If you keep turning on the AC like this may cause greater damage.

Also, keep in mind that for minor task you can get tips to perform maintenance on your air conditioner yourself (DIY). However, when it is time to properly service your air conditioner our recommendation is to call an expert.

Temperature is not consistent

If the indoor temperature is too low or too high compared to normal, even when you set the exact the temperature that you want, then your air conditioner, specifically your thermostat, may be broken. This is a problem you should solve as soon as possible if you want to avoid get an expensive energy bill each quarter.

The best way to do it is to call an expert to repair the thermostat. You will not only experience energy savings but also the expert can show you how you can take better care of your thermostat.

Dirty filters

Dirty filters affect your air conditioner as they may cause poor air quality and inadequate cooling. If the air conditioner in this condition runs for too long, it can suffer several damaging outcomes.

What you can do in this case is cleaning or changing the filters, depending on how your air conditioner works. Remember that some air conditioner filters must be changed every one to three months, while other filters just need proper cleaning. Neither of these tasks are difficult, you just need some basic guidance.

Dirty drainage

Drainage can be a major problem if it is not fixed right away. AC drains can get dirty and clogged like the air conditioner filters. This can cause water to leak out of the air conditioning system due to the clogged and/or dirty drain pan. This will not only damage your air conditioner system, but also anything around or underneath the unit. This includes walls, floors, electrical items, and any other item near the aircon.

In this case, you cannot repair it by yourself. You will need an expert technician to come to repair your air conditioner if this is your case.

Man repairing an air conditioning unit

Dirty condenser coils

As well as with the air filters, if the condenser coil gets dirty it can damage the whole air conditioner system. At this point, you may have realized that having an air conditioner part being dirty has consequences. Please do not neglect the responsibilities that come with having an air conditioner.

What you should do in this case is call an expert to clean or even replace your condenser coil if it is necessary. Remember that if you do not take action immediately this will lead to more wear and tear and imminent damage to the AC unit.

Refrigerant leaks

The main indicator to know that your air conditioner is low on refrigerant due to a gas leak is that your air conditioner will not be producing as much cold air as it used to. You will feel the room hotter than usual even when you program the thermostat at the same temperature as usual.

Remember that the refrigerant is used to transfer heat out of a room. So, if there is no refrigerant then the heat will not be expelled as it is supposed to and will stay in the room instead. Keep in mind that refrigerant leaks are easy to detect. If you do suspect a gas leak, you should call an expert immediately to solve the problem.

What should I do if the air conditioner is already broken?

If at the end of the day your air conditioner gets broken there is some advice we have for you.

Call us!

The first thing you should do is to call an expert technician to help you fix the problem. Otherwise, you will only be extending the time without air conditioning. We can help you find out what was the source of the damage and fix it right away or present suitable options.

Get out

While you are waiting for the experts to come we recommend you go out or learn how to keep cool without air conditioning. Remember that if you stay at home the heat can become extremely high and can become harmful for you.

Do not try to fix it by yourself

Depending on what happened to your air conditioner it could be dangerous for you to touch. Also, you can easily damage the aircon system even more. The best thing you can do is be patient and wait for the expert that can help you fix the problem.

Woman looking at a broken air conditioner

Do not use heat-generating devices

At least until your air conditioner gets fixed avoid using heat-generating appliances because this will generate excessive heat load indoors. It will not directly affect the air conditioner at all, but it will affect your comfort levels as you will not be having any source of cool air.

For example, avoid using the washing dryer and when it comes to cooking it is better to use the outdoor BBQ instead of the stove or oven. Just until the air conditioner repair is completed.

Remember that if you have any questions we are here to help you. Please don’t hesitate to ask us anything.