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How to cool down your home and still be green?

If you want to cool down or heat your home the more obvious choice is to buy a reverse cycle air conditioner, but at a certain point, it can crash your green soul and you may be wondering, how to be responsible with the environment and at the same time do not give up comfort?

Let’s face it, having an air conditioner at home gives us extreme comfort but it is not a green practise considering all the energy that it uses and the carbon dioxide emissions it produces every year. However, it is possible to not give up your comfort and at the same time add your little grain of sand to the environment.

It is true that at the beginning it could represent a higher initial investment if you choose an energy-efficient air conditioner, but at the end of the day, it is worth it. This is because you can reduce home energy usage by 20 to 50% by going green in the cooling department.

When it comes to air conditioning, going green is almost guaranteed to pay for itself and it is not only the energy saving that is beneficial, the benefits extend to a healthier home environment for you and your family, a reduction in fossil fuel consumption and the happiness of knowing that you are doing a part in creating a better and more responsible world.

Key factors to watch out for the environment while using the aircon

Some things have to do with the device itself like choosing an energy-efficient air conditioner, but other things have to do with its usage, for example, you can have less air conditioner usage.

Tips for an energy-efficient air conditioner

Buy a high-efficient air conditioner

This is the first tip and the most obvious one, replacing an old air conditioning system will help you reduce costs and energy consumption because an old device, even worst if it is not well maintained, will be consuming a lot more energy than it should.

By changing it you will be saving energy by 20 to 50%, but take into account that the new system should be highly energy efficient. To do this you should be looking for a SEER rating of 14 or higher in ducted air conditioners and an EERE rating of 10,7 for window units.

Get an air conditioner of the right size

Remember that getting an air conditioner that is too small or too large for your space is a waste of energy as it will run inefficiently. What you want is an air conditioner that works properly and that saves energy, also it should dehumidify well, which is impossible if it is constantly turning on and off.

For this reason, it is important to bear in mind what is the size of the place that you want to air condition before buying an air conditioner device.

Install programmable thermostats

You won’t have to remember to turn the AC up or down with programmable thermostats. This will help you reduce energy consumption because this will adapt to the exact temperature that the room requires.

Keep in mind that this will reduce your home cooling costs by 3 to 5%.

Man adjusting thermostat at home

Avoid other sources of heat

Put heavy curtains if the sun is too intense to reduce unwanted passive solar heat gain. Also, move all the appliances that produce unnecessary heat and that you use not so frequently to the garage or basement.

This may include clothes dryers, dishwashers or ovens. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be using your appliances, but you will relocate them to a place where the heat production will not interfere with the work of the air conditioner.

Get advantage of zoning

Consider installing a split system that lets you individually regulate the temperature of each room of the house. This not only will help you reduce the overall energy consumption but this will also be more efficient and comfortable for the members of your family.

Not everyone likes to have the same temperature in the house, some people may want a colder or a warmer temperature than others.

Tips to reduce the air conditioning use

Increase your home insulation

One of the best investments you can make to make the most out of your air conditioning and reduce its use as much as possible is to insulate your home. If you are going to build a home then the best option is to insulate it with concrete forms. This means that the insulation will be in the home structure.

However, if you are insulating an existing home your best option is to use spray foam as in this way, you will maximize energy efficiency.

Install ceiling fans

Installing ceiling fans is not a huge investment and this allows you to eliminate the need to run the air conditioner on cooler days, also on warmer days, a fan will allow you to set the thermostat a few degrees higher.

In case you use a reverse cycle air conditioning system for winter as well, a ceiling fan will help you distribute warm air which will help you reduce the costs of air conditioning.

Male electrician stepping on

Use natural ventilation

Natural ventilation uses the natural forces of wind to deliver fresh air into your home. You can use it to your advantage by opening the windows to create a steady flow of air in your home.

If the hot weather is too intense, then you can open the windows at night when the air is fresh and this will also help you clean the environment from dust and pollution.  Turning your aircon on all the time without proper ventilation not only will make you spend more energy, but worse, it can be harmful to your health.

Remember that having an air conditioner is not bad, but it is important for you to use it consciously.