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How to choose the right air conditioner for my business?

When you have a business it is really important to offer quality products or services, the decoration of the place and good customer services. But those factors are as essential as offering comfort at your store for people to feel cozy, comfortable and enjoy every time they come in.

For this reason, choosing the best air conditioning for your business is an important task so we will give you some key factors to consider for you to do it properly either if it is your property or if it is a leased property. Just keep in mind that if it is a leased property you have to be clear of who is responsible for the HVAC system.

Also remember that before choosing the right air conditioning, you must know the dimensions of the room and clearly understand how these systems work. This will help you when deciding to choose the most comfortable, useful and practical air conditioning according to your needs.

Know the urban regulation to choose air conditioning for businesses

Some specific rules are depending on the city where you want to install the air conditioning. You should choose an air conditioner that exactly executes these guidelines so that you do not have any inconvenience.

In some cities, you may have to consider elements such as carbon monoxide concentration and aesthetics of outdoor devices, so you need to do this research.

This is very important to know because it goes hand in hand with choosing the ideal air conditioner for your business. In Australia the government has their regulations, to know about the regulations for your specific city you can consult an expert who knows about the local regulations and learns about the different models that you will find on the market.

The interior design of your business

The size and decoration of your business are important when choosing the air conditioning you need. For example, in restaurants, a ducted air conditioner is generally the most used one. It goes located on the walls and the ceiling because in this way they do not have such direct contact with people, and blend better with the environment.

On the other hand, for closed spaces, or smaller sizes, a ductless air conditioner is the most common one and also it is important to consider choosing an air conditioner that emits the least amount of noise possible. Perhaps in a large space, the sound can be imperceptible, but the closer people are to the aircon, it will be annoying.

ducted air conditioning in a restaurant

The functionalities of the equipment

There are a lot of features that the most up-to-date air conditioner have. These features can make it easier for you to choose the right air conditioner for your business. Some of them have an automatic shutdown, which saves energy and improves the efficiency of the appliance.

A lot of air conditioning systems have energy efficiency factors that reduce energy consumption and are great for those people that want to lower operating costs and do something for the environment.

Also, you can find reverse cycle air conditioning systems which means that you do not have to buy other appliances to cool down or warm up your business, you will have everything in one system. If that is not your thing you can also find independent heating and cooling systems on the market with saving functions.

Just remember that proper maintenance of the HVAC system is vital to ensure that it works properly. Also, you must place it correctly so installation is also a key factor for your device to extend its lifespan.


If we want to know how to calculate the air conditioning for your business, the first thing you must consider is the square meters of the place.

For example, for a place of 30 square meters, you will need an air conditioner with between 2000 and 3,000 frigories. Or for 50 square meters, which is a large space, you will require an air conditioner between 4,000 and 5,000 frigories. To verify this information you must look at the energy efficiency label.

Although this is a correct estimate, to know exactly how many frigories you need you to have to take into account other factors in addition to the meters or directly contact an expert who can  help you with the calculation:

  • The size of the room
  • Ceiling height
  • The number and size of the windows
  • The orientation
  • The amount of light
  • Thermal insulation

The air conditioner type

To know which air conditioner to choose, it is important to know the types of air conditioner systems you have at your disposal and which are the most suitable for a business.

air conditioner store department

Ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning installation requires a false ceiling so that it is not in sight. It works with a system of tubes that transport the cold air and grids arranged in different places that allow the air to escape. They are very useful for large spaces as they distribute the air in different places effectively.

These systems are attractive for industrial decorations in which you want to leave the ducts in view, but they are also discreet, since when they are located on false ceilings.

Split air conditioning

It is very useful for air conditioning independent spaces or the ones that have more than one room. These systems are located inside the room to be air-conditioned, and also have an outdoor unit. They are comfortable and although they are visible, the large number of models and designs will adequately accompany the decoration.

You can also use multi-split equipment, with several devices installed in a single system, so that you can get the best out of your split type air conditioning.

Cassette type air conditioner

To install a cassette type air conditioner you need to have a false ceiling or a space in which it can be embedded.

This system has two important advantages: they are very efficient and reduce energy consumption. They are also compact, allowing to reduce the aesthetic impact they may have.

They are the most recommended ones for large offices, large commercial spaces and large restaurants, as they allow the entire space to be air-conditioned quickly.

In conclusion, there are many factors you have to consider before investing. We hope that with this guide you will be able to find the best air conditioner for your business and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.