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How air conditioning can help you prevent diseases

When high temperatures are practically unbearable the air conditioner is our saviour and we all know that feeling of satisfaction when we arrive home or to our well-climatized office.

We may all know how air conditioning is beneficial for us. However, not many of us know the multiple benefits it has for our health and our family’s health, and that should be highlighted.

Air conditioning provides various health benefits, especially in areas where the heat in summer is so intense it becomes unbearable. High temperatures can lead to multiple problems for our well-being such as heat stroke, low blood pressure, or dizziness. All these discomforts prevent us from enjoying moments in which we need to rest and relax as the heat can become very stressful, altering our routine.

We should keep in mind that during the summer we continue to work and we need time to gather energy to ensure full physical and mental faculties. Rest is essential, but high temperatures exhaust anyone as well as contribute to uncontrolled diseases and allergies.

For this reason, in the following article, we are going to talk about how having air conditioning at home can help you greatly when it comes to health.

It helps with allergies

An air conditioning system installed in your home provides great benefits to alleviate your allergies. Air conditioning creates a healthy environment that helps to combat allergies from accumulated dust and mites.

There are people who in the summer begin to develop strong allergies that reduce their quality of life, and this occurs both outside the home and at home. Air conditioning clears the environment of these elements that cause sneezing, itchy nose, and red eyes, among other annoying symptoms.

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It reduces stress and fatigue

High temperatures can cause a lack of energy and fatigue. In many cases this is a consequence of dehydration caused by sweating, low blood pressure, and the body’s lack of adaptation to these temperatures.

Also, how air conditioning is beneficial for us. The correct use of air conditioning eliminates these effects by setting the room temperature at the optimum levels to comfortably carry out your daily routine.

Also, when it comes to extreme temperatures, you can acquire a split or ducted reverse cycle air conditioner to heat up or cool down your home during winter and summer. In this way you do not need two appliances to control the temperature at home.

Helps people with respiratory problems

These devices improve the health of people with respiratory problems, as well as help manage allergic reaction to pollen or dust. To reduce the risk of respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, sinusitis, or pharyngitis, try to control humid spaces with the ventilation function which also hinders the transmission of germs.

Keep in mind that while many air conditioning systems control humidity and also clean the air, not all air conditioners have these features. Therefore, make sure you buy an appropriate one, especially if there are already people at home suffering from respiratory problems.

Helps with the consequences of temperature changes

When there is a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor spaces, there is a risk of dizziness, excessive sweating, or even infections. This is as a result of the sudden cooling caused by sweat evaporation when you enter a room with very low temperatures.

To avoid these problems, the idea is to condition the rooms with temperatures between 24 and 27 degrees. Also, make sure that the temperature changes are not frequent or sudden. For example, if you come home after a very hot day, it is best to gradually lower the air conditioning temperature.

It is beneficial for vulnerable people

Air conditioning is beneficial for people with a disability or reduced mobility who are affected more intensely by heat or cold. It also helps children who are very sensitive to strong changes in temperature by improving their quality of life.

Also, new-borns living in an overly warm place can experience psychological stress because their bodies are trying to regulate their internal temperature.

For this reason, an air conditioner can be the best ally for your children. It improves indoor air quality and keeps the temperature regulated.

Helps you with contamination

People who live in an urban environment tend to have more respiratory problems due to the contamination of the city. The city is full of pollution, chemicals and toxins that alter respiratory processes.

People who live immersed in nature tend to have fewer difficulties in this regard since the natural environment around them favours the breathing of fresh and clean air.

If the environment in which you live is not entirely healthy, you must consider air conditioning to favour your health. Keep in mind that if you live in the city, the air you breath may contain cigarette smoke, food fragrances, insecticides, polluting gases from vehicles, among other damaging contaminants.

Even if these contaminants are not toxic, they still prevent the environment from being clean and healthy. There is no question that this impacts your health in a negative way.

Air conditioning plays a very important role in this problem since you can solve these disadvantages by using it in a moderate way when considered necessary. In this way, you will be solving two stressful situations through a single situation: contamination and excessive heat.

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What you should keep in mind

Air conditioning is amazing at helping to prevent diseases. However, if you do not give it proper maintenance it can become a great risk.

Performing regular maintenance of air conditioning systems is essential to reduce the risk of respiratory diseases.

The cleaning and quality controls of the equipment not only help to extend the useful life of the equipment and make it more efficient but also prevent the emergence of bacteria. Bacteria is not only bad for your health but can also cause disease.

Keep in mind that if you do not clean and properly maintain your air conditioning filters or the ducts through which the air travels, all the people who are under the same roof are exposed to bacteria and moisture that accumulates in them.

Remember that if you need help choosing proper air conditioning for your home, do not hesitate to contact us!