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Hitachi Air Conditioning Installation


Hitachi are one of the leading providers of residential air conditioning systems in Australia, providing high quality heating and cooling solutions suited to the tough Australian weather. Hitachi have focused on improving upon their inverter technology to produce smaller, more efficient and quieter residential A/C units. Hitachi offers a wide range of solutions to suit every home and lifestyle, whether you are living in a small one bedroom or a large two story house. Hitachi has an air conditioning solution to suit all needs.

Hitachi air conditioning unit

Visually appealing designs

Hitachi trusted brand

Humidifying, dehumidifying and air purification built into the units

Hitachi modern display

Modern displays and design

Hitachi air conditioners size

Large selection of different sized units available

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We provide a wide range of options for the installation and maintenance of commercial and residential air-conditioning units.

Residential Air Conditioning
Residential Air Conditioning

We can warm up your home this winter.

Commercial Repairs
Commercial Repairs

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Ducted AC System
Ducted AC System

Our range of ducted systems make cooling convenient.

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