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All You Need to Know to Install a Ducted Air Conditioning

If you choose a ducted air conditioner as the best option for your home, surely you have questions about the installation process. It is a great product to have complete control of the temperature in each place of your house. At Ice Blast we want you to solve your doubts about installing ducted air conditioning and be able to offer maximum comfort to your family.

We want you to feel as safe as the technical expert who performed the installation. Let’s start by reviewing some of the most common questions parents have before installing ducted air conditioning.

If you still have questions about the product and how this type of air conditioner works, you can review our section of frequently asked questions about ducted air conditioners.

How do you install ducted air conditioning?

The installation process of ducted air conditioning is a little bit different from the installation of a ductless unit. This type of AC has a compressor and condenser outside, so these need to be connected. The indoor unit is connected to multiple ducts in the ceiling. These ducts end with an outlet in each room while the air conditioning is distributed through the ducts.

The first step in installing ducted air conditioning is measuring the area that needs to be cooled down. The next step is marking out where all the ducts will go, which can be done using a marker pen or chalk on a light surface such as paper or cardboard. The last step in installing this type of AC is connecting all the pipes and then adding insulation for extra protection against heat loss.

Remember that as the Better Homes and Gardens site mentions some advantages of ducted air conditioners are:

  • Cools the whole home through the existing duct systems.
  • Relatively quiet indoor operation.
  • Can be controlled from the home thermostat.

expert technician getting prepared for the installation of a ducted air conditioner

Can I install my ducted air conditioner?

If you already have ducts and outlets in your home, it is easy to connect the new air conditioner units with the existing ventilation system. Regardless of whether this is the case or not, the installation of ducted air conditioning must be done by an expert. You will have to intervene in the walls and the ceiling of your house, so it must be done with the necessary knowledge and care to protect your property and ensure the correct operation of the AC.

We know it may seem scary, but don’t worry, Ice Blast will help you make it easy. Our enthusiastic team has decades of experience so we can ensure a fast, affordable and reliable installation of your new air conditioning unit. Take a consultation today and speak with one of our helpful team members about the size of your home and the kind of system that you may require. Click here and make an enquiry booking.

Technician installing air conditioner

How much to install ducted air conditioning?

There are several points to consider in the cost of installing a ducted air conditioner. Some of these you should consider before choosing a ducted air conditioner if you are still in that process. One of the most important is the size of your house. This is because the cost depends largely on the size and number of rooms you want to warm or cool down.

To do the measurement you have to consider the size of your home, the size and location of the windows, the height of your ceilings, and even the direction your house is facing.

Other questions to answer to have a real quote for the installation are:

  • Where are the windows in each room located?
  • Are you able to use natural breezes at all?
  • Are there areas in your home or business that are cool enough?
  • It is just bedrooms that may need a more advanced cooling and heating system?
  • How are people in the building able to get warm when they need to?
  • Can you use any of what you already have in place?

Air flows and other factors to consider

Due to air flows, you may only need to install your ducted air conditioner in certain areas of your home. Air flows are very important for the operation and expense that a ducted air conditioner unit will represent. An example of this is the article on the myth that keeping the doors closed decreases the energy consumption of a central AC.

As their article mentions this is false and if you have a typically installed air conditioner unit with a central air return, shutting doors is one of the worst things you can do,” Precision says. “It’s right up there with closing vents and beating your outside unit with a sledgehammer.

Don’t forget that for a Ducted Air Conditioning System, maintenance and cleaning are a must. You have to clean all the dust and other particles that may disrupt the passage. You don’t need to do this on your own. At any moment you can speak with the Ice Blast team and have an expert, reliable workforce that is close to you.

Preparation by the homeowner to install ducted air conditioning

  1. When installing ducted air conditioning you must protect your furniture, appliances and valuable objects with a dust cover. Our experts use canvas drop cloth before starting any action. However, there will be drywall dust or sawdust from ceilings that could fall onto surfaces, chairs, and tables.
  2. It would help if you chose where the condenser of your air conditioner will be located. Ducted air conditioners may have a traditional condenser located outside your home that releases hot air or is cooled by water, so they must have a connection to the drain.
  3. You need to decide the location of the controller of the AC. These are normally located in the family room or somewhere else where your family spends more time. Our expert team may recommend a specific place in your house based on the ability to run the wires through the walls.

housewife with AC control

Always be aware that Ice Blast can provide you with a wide range of different options for ducted system installation. Don’t take the risk of having damage to your property, losing your investment in AC and suffering through another hot summer when we can maintain, service and install ducted air conditioning in your home at a very affordable price. Get a quote today!