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Fujitsu has always had a focus on great design that’s user-friendly and also environmentally friendly. Fujitsu offers a broad range of heating and cooling products suitable for almost every room in the home, from large living rooms to bedrooms and children´s rooms. We make your room more comfortable with a wide range of air conditioner types from ceiling wall types which have automatic filters and cleaning functions to wall mounted units that improve air quality.

Fujitsu offers a wide range of residential heating and cooling wall units and systems and is one of the leading brands internationally thanks to their clever design and energy efficiency. Fujitsu has been producing heating and cooling products for over 40 years and a 99.99% product performance rate which is just another reason why so many Australians trust Fujitsu for their air-conditioning and ventilation.

Fujitsu efficient design

Energy efficient designs that are suitable for all rooms in the home

Fujitsu AC unit

A wide range of products, from ductless to mounted wall units

Fujitsu brand

Trusted brand with over 40 years experience in the industry

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We provide a wide range of options for the installation and maintenance of commercial and residential air-conditioning units.

Residential Air Conditioning
Residential Air Conditioning

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Commercial Repairs
Commercial Repairs

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Ducted AC System
Ducted AC System

Our range of ducted systems make cooling convenient.

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