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Smoke alarms for your safety

Protect the safety of you and your family with smoke alarms. Smoke alarms should be independently tested and meet Australian Standards.

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Let’s get you compliant

New legislation for smoke alarms in Queensland presents a great opportunity to ensure your home or business is up to date with the latest safety technology and legal requirements. We can help make sure your property complies with State and Australian requirements by providing a free assessment and quotation today!

Photoelectric smoke alarm

Protect yourself from fires

Fires can happen at any time, and they are all too often fatal. Protect yourself and your family against the risk of burns or death by installing fully functional, hard wired, and interconnected smoke alarms.

Smoke alarms as you were promised

Get alerts about small fires before they become devastating whole house fires. You deserve that peace of mind, and we can help. Don’t wait until it’s too late to worry about smoke detectors. Get assessed today to find your smoke alarm solution, and you’ll sleep better tonight.

Testing smoke detector at home
Smoke alarm upgrade expert at work

Have your home smoke alarm installation assessed for compliance

A lot of people don’t realize they’re breaking the law by not having compliant smoke alarms installed in their homes and rental properties until it’s too late. Find out if you’re compliant today and avoid claim refusal in the event that someone is injured or the house is damaged with non-compliant smoke alarms in place.

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