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Ducted Air Conditioning – Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes we have a lot of questions regarding different types of air conditioning. This is normal in order to make the best-informed decision for creating an ideal environment in our home, office, or commercial premises.

Take into consideration that it is also important to know what air conditioning is exactly and how it works before going deeper into the matter. In this case, we will discuss what is the difference between Ducted Air Conditioning and Ductless Air Conditioning. The pros, the cons, and we will even help you find the one that suits your needs the best.

What is a Ducted Air Conditioning?

With Ducted Air Conditioning, the heat pump system has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The outdoor AC unit usually doesn’t vary very much between different types of Air Conditioning Systems. However indoor units can have many different forms, and in this case it has a connection to ducts.

Normally these ducts get hidden behind a suspended ceiling as it may look ugly if they are not hidden. However, it is also not uncommon to find the ducts exposed and showing out in the open as a decorative part of certain eateries and kitchens going for an industrial look.

How does a Ducted Air Conditioning works?

The Ducted Air Conditioning set up works with a central air system. The indoor unit is connected to multiple ducts in the ceiling. These ducts end with an outlet in each room while the air conditioning is distributed through the ducts. It could be cold air if the system works as a basic air conditioner or hot air if it is also a heat pump.

Don’t forget that for Ducted Air Conditioning System, maintenance and cleaning is a must. You have to clean all the dust and other particles that may disrupt the passage of clean air. By doing this, you will help ensure you do not need to replace it or repair it before expected.

You don’t need to do this on your own. You can call an expert or find out about the best cleaning devices to do it at home.

Ducted Air Conditioning in Ceiling

What’s the difference between Ducted Air Conditioning and Ductless Air Conditioning?

Ducted Air Conditioning works better for large spaces. It provides uniform air conditioning to open environments where you want to have the same temperature throughout the space. On the other hand, Ductless Air Conditioning let you adjust the temperature for multiple individual spaces in large premises.

With Ducted Air Conditioning, air goes from a central air conditioner unit to various rooms through flexible ducts.  With a Ductless Air Conditioner, refrigerant goes directly to the air handling unit/s installed inside the house.

To choose between one or the other you have to take into consideration the following:

  • If you have space for installing the ductwork or not.
  • Control of humidity and dust.
  • The style of your house and desired aesthetics.
  • If you want multiple cooling zones or just one.

It Is possible to have different temperatures in different rooms with Ducted AC?

Zoning is an amazing addition if you want to have Ducted Air Conditioning and at the same time be able to control the temperature in each room. It uses dampers in the ductwork to regulate the air and direct it into the different rooms.

In this way, you have the control to customize the temperature by zone. It will give you more comfort as each room can have its own sensor. When a room reaches the desired temperature, the damper closes to prevent over-cooling or over-heating the room. It opens up when the room temperature needs to be adjusted again.

Zoning certainly has its advantages.  It gives all the family the ability to choose the temperature for their room. It will help you save energy as you can regulate the distribution of air. Also, you can often control the temperature in a digital way via Wi-Fi, with your phone, tablet, or computer.

Ducted Air Conditioning Vent

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Ducted Air Conditioning?


Ducted Air Conditioners perform very well and can have high energy efficiency. They work with a single indoor unit, so it is not necessary to install multiple units in different rooms. It is aesthetically pleasing to many when it is installed up out of the way in the ceiling and it doesn’t take up space on the wall.

Easy to install

If you already have ducts and outlets in your home, it is easy to connect the new air conditioner units with the existing ventilation system. Also, it will save you time as the installation is partially done. This is often the case with ducted air conditioning replacement.

Takes the humidity away

If you are concerned about humidity at home, Ducted Air Conditioning can control it better than Ductless Air Conditioning. This is because Ducted AC Units have a greater capacity to remove moisture in the air and drain it away from your home, office or other area served by the system.

The circulation of air is better

Circulation of air works better with Ducted Air Conditioning because the grilles or diffusers (air supply outlets) are distributed in strategic places in the house. With Ductless AC, there isn’t the same ability for the air to flow or circulate.

More stylish

With most components hidden behind a ceiling, Ducted is often better for aesthetic purposes. Alternatively, the ductwork can be exposed to create a trendy industrial look in a contemporary home or stylish café, bar, restaurant, warehouse or other commercial setting.


Expensive installation

If you don’t have any preinstalled ducts or a suspended ceiling, it can be really expensive as you will have to install everything from scratch and gaining access can be labour-intensive.

Expensive maintenance

Maintenance is more expensive for Ducted Air Conditioning, compared to Ductless Air Conditioners, as it has more working components that need attention.  It also requires longer to carry out a standard service as access can be tricky in the ceiling, especially when testing zone motors and checking flexes.

Doesn’t help you with the dust

Ducted AC ducts can accumulate a lot of dust and the distribution of air will be affected by these particles. To prevent this, you may to clean the ducts.  However, a Ductless Air Conditioner doesn’t have this problem.

Harder to clean

Ductless AC units are easier to clean as the indoor air conditioning units are exposed and usually accessible by standing or using a small ladder.  In comparison, Ducted AC indoor units are harder to clean as they are up in the ceiling and usually only accessed via a small manhole. Ducted Systems also have ductwork that may require cleaning, which is a major task best left for AC cleaning specialists.

An extra room

If you decided after an AC installation that you want to add air conditioning to a new room, it is better to have Ductless Air Conditioning in place. Replacing or modifying Ducted Air Conditioning would be more expensive.  Sometimes the Ducted System can not even be modified.  Therefore, there is more flexibility with Ductless AC Units.

Before making a purchasing decision, you have to compare and contrast Ducted Air Conditioning and Ductless Air Conditioning Systems based on your needs, budget, and space.

With these questions answered for you, you will be prepared when the sizzling daytime or freezing nighttime temperatures arrive and it’s time to make a decision.