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Daikin Residential

Daikin Air Conditioning Installation


Daikin residential units have been deisgned with a focus on the latest smart technology to make heating and cooling your home more automated. Their units have all achieved extremely high ratings in terms of energy efficiency and offer humidifying and dehumidifying options for added comfort.

The various wall units and split systems are very quiet, offering and additional option to cool or heat your home in quiet mode, which is so soft you won’t even notice it’s on. The units have also been fitted with infrared sensors to ensure no cold draughts are in the home and switches into energy saving mode when the room is unoccupied for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Daikin smart technology

Smart technology integrated into the units

Daikin humidifying

Humidifying, dehumidifying and air purification built into the units

Switching off Daikin

Energy efficient design that switches off when the room is unattended

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Residential Air Conditioning
Residential Air Conditioning

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Commercial Repairs

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Ducted AC System

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