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Daikin Models – What is the best Daikin Split System for me?

Choosing an air conditioner can be quite a tricky process.  First you must decide whether or not to buy an air conditioner unit.  Then you have to consider the different types of air conditioning systems.  Then think about whether a reverse cycle system would be suitable for your home or business.

Then there is a wide range of AC brands to choose from.  Then each brand has a range of models to select from.  Then the correct size (kW) must be determined, along with other factors in the design of an air conditioning system for a room.

Then there is the selection of an aircon installer.  Plus we can’t forget ongoing considerations such as AC running costs and routine AC servicing.  With all of this in mind, sometimes it is quicker, easier, and more efficient to call the experts for help deciding the best air conditioner for you.

Daikin is one of the most trusted names in air conditioning worldwide.  It’s no wonder when you consider that Daikin Industries is a nearly 100-year-old Japanese manufacturer.

With products based on advanced Japanese technology, Daikin is a market leader with a wide range of high-quality products and innovative air solutions.  Whether it be a home air conditioner or commercial HVAC system, there is a Daikin AC to suit anyone’s needs.

One of the most popular products is the Daikin wall split air conditioner.  The units are continually evolving, but there are typically 5 – 7 readily available models at any one time.  Primary models currently include the Daikin Lite range, Daikin Cora range, Daikin Alira range and Daikin Zena range.

We’ll go through the key features and differences in the Daikin wall split system range in this article. This will hopefully help you decipher product information on Daikin splits and help with any decision-making regarding unit selection.  However, it’s worth noting that a Daikin Dealer, such as Ice Blast, can help you with this process at any time.

Daikin Lite Wall Split System

Daikin Split System

The Daikin Lite wall split air conditioner is the base model in the readily available wall split range.  It features the quality and technology you would expect from a Daikin air conditioner at a competitive price, making it outstanding value for money.  The Lite series provides basic heating and cooling for any home or light commercial application.  Check out this unit in the store here.

Key Features:

  • Reverse Cycle – Heating and cooling within the one device.
  • R32 Refrigerant – Next generation in refrigerant with 66% lower global warming impact.
  • Whisper Quiet – Indoor unit quiet mode that lowers operational noise (2.0-3.5kW Class).
  • Coanda Airflow – Specially designed discharge louvers for faster cooling.
  • Improved Air – Approved by the National Asthma Council Australia with Sensitive Choice butterfly symbol.
  • Compact Size – More compact indoor and outdoor units than previous models.
  • Lifestyle Convenience – Backlit wireless remote and count up/down ON/OFF timer.
  • Precision Control – 0.5 degree increments for temperature set point (2.0-7.1kW Class).
  • Economical Comfort – Up to 4.5 Star Rating energy efficiency (2.5kW Class) in heat and cool.
  • Advanced Technology – Advanced fans, blades, motors, heat exchanger and grille.
  • Option of Wireless – Ability to add Wi-Fi connection for wireless control.

For more information, check out the Daikin Lite Brochure

Daikin Cora Wall Split System

Daikin Cora Split System

The Daikin Cora wall split air conditioner is the next step up in the Daikin wall split unit range.  It has all the standard benefits of a Daikin air conditioner, with a few added extras for added comfort and energy efficiency. Check out this unit in the store here.

Key Features:

  • All the features of the Lite Series, plus;
  • Intelligent Eye – Infrared human detection sensor enables energy saving mode when room is unoccupied for 20 minutes.
  • Horizontal Louvers – In addition to standard vertical louvers, air can be directed left and right.
  • Draft Prevention – Airflow is directed towards or away from you (2.0-4.6kW Class)
  • Air Purification – Titanium apatite deodorising air filter traps microscopic particles, deactivates bacteria and decomposes odours.
  • Energy Efficiency – Greater EER/COP than the Lite Series, primarily due to the Intelligent Eye.

For more information, check out the Daikin Wall Split Brochure (pages 12-13 and 30-31).

Daikin Alira Wall Split System

Daikin Alira Split System

The Daikin Alira wall split air conditioner is similar to the Cora range, with a few small enhancement.  Primary differences are in the design and energy efficiency.

Key Features:

  • All the features of the Cora Series, plus;
  • Sleek Design – The indoor units have stylish new design and shape.
  • Energy Efficiency – Larger indoor coil improves the star rating

For more information, check out the Daikin Wall Split Brochure (pages 10-11 and 28-29).

Daikin Zena Wall Split System

Daikin Zena Wall Split System

The Daikin Zena wall split air conditioner is a significant step up in the Daikin air conditioner range.  The ultimate in style, with a choice of 2 colours; White and Black.  Added technology, wireless, and air purification sees a high quality product for any home or office environment.

Key Features:

  • All the features of the Alira Series, plus;
  • Sleek Design – Indoor units have an aesthetically pleasing shape and style.
  • Colour Options – Choice of White Hair Line or Black Wood.
  • 2-Area Intelligent Eye – ALL unit have this energy saving, draught prevention feature as standard.
  • Grid Eye Sensor – Further monitors floor temperature and adjusts airflow direction to ensure even room temperature.
  • Airflow Control – ALL units have airflow dual flaps and vertical airflow as standard.
  • Flash Streamer – Additional filtration technology decomposes bacteria and mould by ionisation through advanced plasma electric discharge.
  • Wireless Standard – Wireless LAN connection comes as standard.
  • Precision Control – ALL units have 0.5 degree increments for temperature set point adjustment.
  • Saw Edge Fan – New aerofoil blade design delivers greater volumes while retaining compact size and design (2.5-3.5kW Class).
  • Energy Efficiency – Range of advanced features and design improves star rating
  • Size Limitation – Only downside is the class range is limited; 2.5kW- 6.0kW.

For more information, check out the Daikin Wall Split Brochure (pages 8-9 and 27).

Daikin Zena Wall Split System

Daikin US7 Wall Split System

Daikin US7 Wall Split System

The Daikin US7 wall split air conditioner is the ultimate, not only in the Daikin air conditioner range but also in terms of split systems in general.  World-class air and climate control, with outstanding energy efficiency.  This is more than just an air conditioner; it’s an indoor climate control device.  It is significantly more expensive than other split systems from Daikin but has the benefits to match.

Key Features:

  • All of the expected features from the other Daikin Models, plus;
  • Advanced Humidification – Moisture is drawn from the outdoor air and distributed indoors to improve warmth and comfort. 6 humidity settings for superior comfort.
  • Powerful Dehumidification – Reduces humidity without changing indoor temperature.
  • 2-Stage Filtration – Removes carbon monoxide via a thermal catalyst.
  • Circulation Airflow – Circulatory airflow motion created for even temperature distribution indoors.
  • Fresh Air Mode – Room is ventilated with fresh air from outside.
  • Breeze Airflow – Random variation of airflow and direction to simulate a gentle breeze.
  • Countdown ON/OFF Timer – Set and forget for greater control over unit operation.
  • Quick Heating Timer – Take the chill off the air faster than ever on a cold Winter’s day.
  • Advanced Technology – Hyper Saw Edge Fan and High Density Heat Exchanger, just to name a few.
  • Energy Efficiency – First split system in Australia with a 7-Star Super Efficiency star rating (2.5kW Class).
  • Feature Removal – To make space for some of the cutting edge technology, some features have been removed in the US7; Grid eye sensor, dry function, titanium apatite deodorising air filters, weekly timer, and Wi-Fi control (but still an optional extra).
  • Size Limitation – US7 is currently available in 3 sizes; 2.5kW, 3.5kW and 5.0kW.

For more information, check out the Daikin Wall Split Brochure (pages 6, 7 and 26).

There is a wide range of wall split systems on the market, with brands such as Daikin having their own range of split air conditioners to consider.  There are pros and cons for each model, with price being a contributing factor that obviously increases as the features increase.

At the end of the day you get what you pay for and it comes down to value for money.  If you can afford to pay a little bit more upfront and value the added features, then the more advanced Daikin split AC units might be for you.

You can also save money over time with the added energy efficiency of more advanced models.  However, savings depend on how often you use the system and how well it is maintained as dirty air filters can affect air conditioning energy efficiency, as well as performance, and undo any benefits you may have paid for.

If you need any help selecting the best Daikin Split System for your home or business, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Our friendly team are ready to help you today.