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Daikin units

Whether it’s the dead of winter, or the peak of summer, you can stay comfortable in your own home.


With a reliable air conditioning system.

But you don't want to spend a fortune, and you certainly don't need a loud system that disrupts your peace.

Don't worry. We have the solution.

Daikin systems use smart technology to provide efficient, quiet, and affordable air conditioning.

Why you need Daikin

Here's what a Daikin system can do for you.

Provides comfort
Provides comfort

Provide All-Year-Round Comfort

No matter what the weather is like outside, Daikin air conditioning will keep your home comfortable during any season. For even greater comfort, add humidifying and dehumidifying options to your system.

Provides comfort

Saves Money

There's no sense in warming up or cooling down an empty room. That's just a waste of money. But the Daikin system saves money by automatically shutting off when the room is empty.

Saves money
Works quietly
Provides comfort

Works Quietly

Do you hate the sound of your air conditioning kicking into gear? Maybe it just grates on your nerves.

You don't have to put up with that noise any longer. Daikin air conditioning quietly does its job, without bothering you.

Blue butterfly

Blue Butterfly Recipient

Do you suffer from asthma or allergies? We have some great news for you. The Daikin split system has received the blue butterfly symbol, meaning it's been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice program.

No other split-system brand has obtained this recognition. That's why Daikin is one of the best choices for anyone suffering from allergies.

Blue butterfly

Daikin Systems

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Bonus benefits when you choose
Ice Blast to install your system

You need an experienced team to install your new system.

Ice Blast can be that team for you.

Here's why.

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35+ years of Experience

When it comes to air conditioning, we know our stuff. We have over 35 years of experience and have a proven track record of providing high-quality brands and services.

Considers your
unique needs

No two homes are alike. That's why we will carefully evaluate your specific situation to determine exactly what you need.

Daikin air conditioning in living room
Daikin control system

Provides assistance
every step of the way

After installing your Daikin air conditioner, you can rely on us to provide maintenance, repairs, and cleaning. As Daikin Specialists and Warranty Agents, your unit can continue to operate at maximum efficiency.

Daikin air conditioner

Do you want to stay comfortable all year-round?

Are you in need of an expert air conditioning team?

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