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How much does it cost to get ducted air conditioning?

Depending on your home or business space, you have multiple options when considering a new air conditioning system.

As we always mention, it is essential to make an informed buying decision. That is why if you have been thinking about installing it, you have to know exactly what ducted air conditioning is and how it works.

Also, you have to be aware of the differences between ducted air conditioning and ductless air conditioning, and all the factors involved including price.

Keep in mind that the investment you are going to make is significant, so you want to end up happy and satisfied with your decision.

How to know if a ducted air conditioner works for me?

To choose the best type of air conditioning, you have to take into consideration some important factors like the size and heat load of the area you want to warm up or cool down.

It is also important to know what your budget is and how much you are willing to invest.

Keep in mind air conditioning cleaning and maintenance factors, and also check if aesthetically it will satisfy your expectations.

In the following sections you will find what conditions you need to meet to be able to install ducted air conditioning at home or in a business and a reasonable price guide.

The size of your home or building is really important

For ducted air conditioning, you will pay a price largely dependent on the size of your home or building, how many rooms you want to condition and how many zones you want to run at one time.

Also, you have to consider the size of your windows, the direction the building is facing, your ceiling heights, airflow requirements and heat load (from people and equipment) in every room of the home, office or commercial premises.

Family House with Ducted Air Conditioning

What space do you have available?

Does your house or premises have the space to install ductwork?

If you already have ducts in place, is it easier to just connect new air conditioning units to the existing ventilation equipment?

The short answer is Yes, and it means you will not waste resources and the installation will be easier. This typically means less time and, more importantly, less money that you will have to spend.

It is also important to consider a few questions; How frequently do people use each room? What is each room used for? For how many hours and for how long? By doing this, Ice Blast or any other air conditioning services company can assess if you need ducted air conditioning installed.


With ducted air conditioning, you can choose from two main styles.

The first one is to have the ductwork showing out in the open as decoration. Nowadays, it is trendy to use this style in restaurants and kitchens.

The second option is to hide them behind a solid or suspended ceiling. In this way, you and your visitors will not notice that the ductwork is there.

For ductless air conditioning, it is almost impossible to hide its presence. So, if you want to have something subtle but with maximum potential and high efficiency, ducted air conditioning may be for you.

Air Conditioning in living room

Your budget

You need to keep in mind that whatever type of air conditioning you choose, you have to do maintenance and cleaning regularly.

Also, take into consideration that you will have to pay the regular electricity bills, so it is indeed a significant investment.

How much am I going to pay for Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning costs are not only related to the physical system itself. You also have to pay for the installation, the ongoing electricity bill, and regular cleaning and maintenance.

When you buy the AC, the cost will depend on:

  • The type, size, brand and model of the Ducted Air Conditioning
  • The type and layout of the ducted zoning system you will install
  • The time you will operate the system for
  • The temperature you choose to set the system at
  • The construction of your home
  • The energy efficiency of your system

Ducted Air Conditioning prices

After considering all of this, the price that you will pay for your complete Ducted Air Conditioning including installation varies:

  • You will pay an average of $7,000 – $11,000 for a small system that will work in a small apartment or a small one-storey home.
  • For a 2 or 3-bedroom home, the typical range goes from $9,000 – $14,000.
  • If your home is larger than that, for example 4-bedrooms or small two-storey, you will more likely pay $11,000 – $17,000.
  • If your home is larger again, for example 5+ bedrooms or large two-storey, then prices vary dramatically based on the size and layout of the home, with a typical range of $13,000 – $20,000+.

Keep in mind that it is always best to ask a potential air conditioning installer for more accurate pricing.

So, if you are looking for a quote on a new ducted air conditioner, please contact Ice Blast Air Conditioning here.

Extra Tip:

Price for Ducted Air Conditioning

How can I reduce my AC costs?

If you already bought and installed your ducted air conditioning, you can follow some tips to reduce what you are paying monthly.

For example, you can turn on the air conditioner early if you see that the day will be sunny. Similarly, when you have a cold day ahead, start heating early.

Also, you can close all the windows and doors when your air conditioner is running. By doing this, the AC system won’t have to make an extra effort to completely cool down or warm up your home.

Remember that you are the only one in charge of defining your budget to acquire ducted air conditioning. So, research to find your best option before making the final buying decision or ask the experts!  In case you need a free quote or friendly expert advice, contact us here.