Ice Blast Air Conditioning Controllers is an innovative solution to deliver efficiency and control throughout your entire home. Our controllers turn your home into a smart home where you are able to control the temperature, lighting, power, security, watering of your garden and entertainment systems all at the touch of a button.

Our innovative design allows you to zone out the different areas in your home, so you are able to connect lamps and appliances to the system to help you save on power, while adding convenience to your lifestyle.

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  • Efficient air conditioning solutions, controlled from your phone or tablet
  • Control every light switch in your home, including the colour and brightness
  • Use smart plugs to manage your everyday appliances from anywhere
  • Added peace of mind with advanced security features
  • Control your entertainment system from your phone for a more seamless experience
  • Water your garden or control the schedule from anywhere in the world

Discover the Convenience of Using Our Controllers to Create a Smart home

Control everything in your home with the touch of a button.

Air Conditioning Controllers Information

Air conditioning control
I-Zone 325 Controller works with many leading air-conditioning brands to offer a complete solution to controlling the temperature within your home. You have the option of selecting up to 12 different zones within your home, each zone is fitted with advanced sensors to control the distribution, temperature and airflow of any room in your home, saving you money and time.

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IZone 435 controller gives you the option of sectioning your home in up to 14 different zones, where you are able to control the temperature in each room from our touch screen technology or from your smartphone. You are able to monitor the temperature in your home through the i-Zone app from anywhere in the world. These systems come with a 10 year warranty, guaranteeing a decade of advanced temperature control and much more within your home.

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