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Commercial Installation

Commercial Installation

Ice Blast Services

We install industrial and commercial air conditioning systems for a wide range of business locations around South East Brisbane. Our team is experienced in installing these A/C system everywhere from schools and medical practices, through to commercial high rises and commercial warehouses.

We offer a wide range of commercial cooling solutions and work with leading brands in the industry to ensure quality and longevity of your commercial air-conditioning unit.

Our team of qualified technicians specialise in carrying out small to large scale commercial installations for a wide range of customers all throughout Southeast Queensland. We will happily provide you with a free quote for the installation of any new commercial air-conditioning systems. Call one of our qualified team members today to organise a time for them to come out and complete and obligation free inspection.

Air Conditioning Service
Servicing your system

We provide maintenance options for your unit for your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment

Efficient Air Conditioning
Energy efficient designs

Our products are designed to save power

Air quality
Improve air quality

Improve the air quality in your home when you get your air conditioning unit serviced

Save money
Save money and time

Ice Blast provides affordable preventative maintenance, repairs and installations, all in the same place

Controlled air temperature
Clean, controlled air temperature

We provide clean, controlled and reliable air temperature in your home or office

Reliable Air Conditioning Service
World renowned products

We work with the leading brands in the industry to guarantee quality

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

We offer a wide range of large scale commercial installation options

Ice Blast offers experienced Commercial Air Conditioning Installation in Brisbane, Bayside, Logan, and throughout South East Queensland. Our specialised Commercial Air Conditioner Technicians carry out small to large-scale commercial and commercial installation for a wide range of customers throughout Southern Queensland. We install HVAC commercial and commercial air-conditioning systems at a wide range of facilities, ensuring we only use top quality products in order to extend the lifetime of your commercial system.

Our passionate team is always around to help! If you are unsure about the kind of system that may be best for your business or don’t know how often you need to get your unit serviced feel free to give us a call for a free consultation.

We will be able to advise you on the best practices related to your system and can schedule maintenance and repairs of your system at a time that best suits your business. Our expert team can save your business thousands of dollars by preventing breakdowns and scheduling regular repairs to ensure your system is as energy efficient as possible.

Ice Blast provides commercial air conditioning service and preventative maintenance in Brisbane, Bayside, Logan and throughout Southeast Queensland. Our professional team of air-conditioning technicians provide one off services as well as ongoing preventative maintenance for a wide range of commercial and industrial premises.

Our preventative maintenance has saved businesses thousands of dollars each year by helping to prevent breakdowns and costly repairs with prolonging the life of their systems.

Air Conditioning Brands

Our Services

We provide a wide range of options for the installation and maintenance of commercial and residential air-conditioning units.

Residential Air Conditioning

Residential Air Conditioning

We can warm up your home this winter.

Commercial Repairs

Commercial Repairs

Our reliable team is just what your business needs.

Ducted AC System

Ducted AC System

Our range of ducted systems make cooling convenient.

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