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What are the best commercial air conditioning options for a warehouse?

Keeping the warehouse of your business well-ventilated is paramount. The correct temperature in this place helps you to take care of your products, as well as maintain high levels of productivity and the health of your workers. Some studies show an average relationship of 2% decrement in work performance per degree °C when the temperature is above 25°C. 

In some industries, having control of temperature is critical. An example is the pharmaceutical industry, this sector loses approximately $35 billion annually due to products being stored and shipped at inappropriate temperatures. This effect is similar in businesses in the food and beverage, cosmetic or chemical industries.

For this reason, air conditioning is one of the key projects every property owner should keep into consideration. Taking advantage of the air conditioning warehouse sales is a great investment if you want to maintain a healthy airflow in the available space. Let’s review what you should consider when buying an air conditioner warehouse and which are the best options.

Which commercial air conditioner is best for a warehouse?

A commercial air conditioner can be used in commercial properties such as large office buildings or malls to small businesses such as coffee shops or convenience stores. The market offers you even more options for air conditioner systems.

air conditioner warehouse sales

You need to know the needs of your business to choose the correct aircon system. For example, it is important to know what is the maximum size that your aircon warehouse can have and in which part you would install it.

Rooftop air conditioning systems

Rooftop air conditioning systems for warehouses are often preferred. By placing their HVAC systems on the roof, businesses not only take advantage of unused space but also make it easy for HVAC technicians to conduct system maintenance without disrupting business operations.

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Improve the Indoor Air Quality

Places such as warehouses don’t have fresh air intakes. In addition, the industry generates a lot of heat and humidity, so they have to be kept on a reasonable scale.

Adding fresh air to a heating or cooling system accomplishes two primary Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) which controls building pressures and secondly, it increases IAQ by diluting polluted or stale indoor air.

If this topic is of interest to you, you can choose an air conditioner warehouse with an IAQ system. Usually, these systems have outside air enter through a roof or sidewall vent inlet that collects air from a clean outside location. The air is pulled into the system through a filter, into a duct connected to the return plenum.

If you want to know more about product specs, characteristics and main functionalities, you can read our article What type of air conditioner do you need for a warehouse?

Multi-Split System

A Multi-Split Air Conditioning System has the capability to connect many indoor units to one outdoor unit. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to purchase many air conditioners to serve different spaces in your warehouse.

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Air conditioning multi split system

What is the best month to buy an air conditioner for a warehouse?

Many warehouse managers pay attention to their HVAC systems when the temperature rises and summer begins. This can cause them to find themselves with higher prices or the best units sold out.

According to a Forbes study, especially for central air conditioning sales that require installation by HVAC professionals, the best time to make the call is during fall through spring. You’re more likely to save money with off-season air conditioner sales and by taking advantage of seasonal sales and deals during the off-season.

In any case, air conditioning costs depend on the type of unit, the size of the space to be cooled, and the existing ductwork. There are also less expensive options like water coolers, window units, or mini-splits.

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