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The best apps to control your air conditioner from your smartphone

There are a lot of benefits of controlling your air conditioner from your smartphone. The main advantage is that you can set the right temperature before arriving home. By doing this, the moment you enter your home you will find that the temperature is exactly how you wanted it.

Furthermore, you will be able to turn off your air conditioner if you forgot about it when you left home. Also, you can control when you are in other rooms of the house where you cannot control it directly with the remote. Similarly, if you are lying in bed and want to warm up the lounge, you can! You can even customize the power of your unit to save energy.

Another great advantage is that you can control your air conditioning in situations where your aircon control doesn’t work properly. Also, you won’t have to remember what the settings are that you like the most when it comes to temperature control – in the app, you can save these parameters and access the temperature you like with just one click.

In this article we will discuss several apps that can help you control your air conditioner in the best way possible. Also some of them include other features that can be helpful when it comes to comfort and utility.

Air conditioner remote control apps

In the Play Store or App Store, many remote control apps work with many different devices. You just have to make sure the app you want to download is supported by your phone. Also you need to make sure that your brand of air conditioner is compatible with the specific app. After making sure of those two things, you can start downloading the app.

1. ASmart Remote IR App

Asmart App

The first app we will show you is called ASmart Remote IR. It is compatible with the most popular brands of air conditioners and it is very easy to use. The first thing you have to do after installing is clicking on the “+” button to add a new device and select the air conditioning brand you have.

The functions you have are turn on, turn off, increase, or decrease the temperature. Also, you can save your settings for quick access to the temperature you like the most. Furthermore, you can use this app with other appliances in your house.

2. Tado Smart Air Conditioner App

Tado Air Conditioning App

The Tado Smart Air Conditioner App helps you control your heating devices as well as your air conditioner easier than ever. This app helps you make your home air conditioner more intuitive. It can connect using an infrared connection which helps you even connect with old air conditioners.

This app works based on your preferred settings. So this means you can turn it off when nobody’s home, lower the fan setting, or even put it in quiet mode. Also, it acts as a remote control for your air conditioner, which means that you can change the temperature from your bed or your couch without having to stand up.

3. AirTouch

AirTouch Air Conditioning App

The AirTouch app is not only a remote control but it has a monitoring system that will help you manage your home’s temperature in the best way possible.

It will help you turn your air conditioner on and off, change and monitor setpoint temperatures, use alerts to know when to perform specific actions, change your aircon from heat, cool, fan, or automatic (if it has these options) and control from 1 to 4 air conditioners.

This app is one of the most complete ones out in the market. Also it is really easy to set up and understand. However, it does require AirTouch components being installed as part of your air conditioning and/or zoning system.

4. Cielo Home – Smart AC App

Cielo Air Conditioning App

The Cielo Home App adds a lot of convenience to your daily life as this gives you the best user experience matched with automation and control.

This app provides you with global control as you can control your aircon from anywhere in the world. It also gives you a usage history, which means that it saves your usage patterns and helps you achieve saving goals.

You also have access to weekly scheduling where you can schedule your desired air conditioner settings at any time. Finally, it helps you keep track of your air conditioner air filter cleanliness so you can be aware of when to give maintenance to your air conditioner.

5. Ambi Climate

Ambi Air Conditioning App

The final app on this list is the Ambi Climate app. The best feature of the Ambi Climate App is that it has a great ability to record all the actions that you perform with your air conditioner. Also, it analyses and acts on the information you give to the app.

In this way, this app will know and internalise the settings that you like the most and will build a profile based on your habits and preferences. So, it mainly saves you time by knowing what air conditioner settings you prefer according to the outside climate, the day, and the time.

Also, you can use this app to set specific levels of temperature and humidity when you are not home.  This keeps things under control, ready for your return home.

Remember that when you use an app for your air conditioner you can save a lot of money from energy usage. This is because when you leave your air conditioner running after you leave home there is nothing you can do about it. This situation represents a waste of energy, and therefore money.

On the other hand, if you have an app where you can control your air conditioner from wherever you are, then it is easy to turn off your air conditioner when you are not home.

At this point, you may be wondering if having any of these apps is worth it. The answer is yes. You have seen all the advantages they have, so do not discard the idea of downloading any of these apps without considering them first.

You need to know that all of these apps are different because they solve slightly different problems, and they execute their functions differently. So, it is up to you to decide which one works best for your needs.