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Best air conditioning system for leased properties

It is a priority for homeowners to offer a comfortable and well-equipped place with all the essential appliances for tenants.  However, this is not always the case, especially when it comes to air conditioning.  Let’s face it, for leased apartments, air conditioning is not commonly included.

This could represent a problem for the tenant because this may mean great discomfort in the rented place.  However, unfortunately, installing an air conditioning is not a landlord obligation.  In the best-case scenario, you may ask your landlord to install an air conditioner system and negotiate coverage of the investment.

How to negotiate this?

Shared responsibility

From the beginning, you can talk about this matter and negotiate in a way that is fair for both parties.  Normally the landlord wouldn’t want to spend more than he/she has to, so it is a good idea to propose shared responsibilities.

You as a tenant would pay for the maintenance and the repairs while the landlord would be the one to install it or replace it if/when a new one is needed.  It is a good idea for the landlord and tenant to contract a qualified air conditioning service company for the installation/replacement, ongoing maintenance, and repairs.

This agreement may include filters cleaning, duct maintenance, and the replacement itself if/when required.  However, the tenant should be responsible for replacing the system if it gets damaged by his/her negligence.

You, as the tenant, will pay it all

You, as the tenant, should be aware that in the contract you may have all the responsibility for HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacement.  This may cause tension between the tenant and the landlord because it seems like something that is not fair for one party.

Carefully read any contract and try to negotiate or go for the shared responsibility.  Keep in mind that this kind of contract will not be cheap and it may be preferable to include the costs in the monthly rent.

Limited responsibility

If the installation of a new air conditioner system is needed then the landlord may divide the total price of the new aircon by its useful life, that is normally 12 to 15 years.  In this way, he/she will add this price to your annual contract, so you will pay based on how many years you stay in this property.

This is also a fair type of contract because, either way, the landlord should include a price of having an HVAC system in place.

What is the best air conditioner in this case?

A common air conditioning option is a window air conditioner because it doesn’t require too much installation work.  Also, if it is the case that you as a tenant will be the one investing in this aircon then it is great for you because of the portability and low upfront cost of box unit installation.

Also, landlords prefer this option because it can minimize the possibility of damaging the interior of the property.

What is window air conditioning?

This kind of equipment has all the elements within the same device.  When it is installed, the condenser is on the outside of the room while the evaporator is on the inside.

The installation of a window air conditioner can be carried out on walls and windows and also it has a powerful refrigeration capacity.

Window air conditioner in leased home

What are the features of window air conditioning?

Easy installation

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the window air conditioner is that its installation is very easy to carry out.  This kind of unit can be up and running in a few hours from its installation.

This type of air conditioner can be placed in the opening of a window and its installation is the simplest option out of all the different types of air conditioning systems since it does not require any type of complicated work.  You can even install it yourself.

Another option is to embed it in a wall, either under a window or in a wall that does not have this kind of opening.  For these options, a cavity has to be made in the wall to install the unit.  In this case, the tenant should always have the approval of the landlord.

In this way, half of the equipment will remain inside the room and the other half will stand out from the facade of the building.

All in one solution

The window box air conditioner is an all-in-one system, this means that it works with a single unit.  It incorporates all the necessary elements to work in the one box!

Since it is not necessary to connect two units, like a split model, it is also easier to manage.  However, it’s worth noting that repairs can be limited by its simplistic nature.

On the other hand, as there are different types of wall air conditioning units with increasingly compact and modern alternatives.  A wall unit it is an excellent option when the space you live in is small.

Lower cost

Another great feature of the window air conditioner is the low-cost equipment, compared to other alternatives on the market.  Generally, this kind of unit represents a much lower investment than other types of models, which is great for the tenant and the landlord regardless of who is going to invest.

Realtor and landlord

Practical units

Window air conditioners are really practical because even when you already installed it in a window you can easily move it to another room.  In the case that you as the tenant invested fully in this air conditioner unit, when you move to another place then you can take it with you.

Also, they can be adapted to just about standard room around the house and their performance can be wonderful.  Since there are more and more models that incorporate environmentally friendly, efficient refrigerants, they are transforming into very efficient units.

What is the best brand of the window air conditioner?

Remember that each brand has its unique advantages and the best brand for you also depends on your needs.

For this reason, we encourage you to contact us as we can give you better advise once we know your exact needs.