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How to Know if Your Air Conditioning Needs Maintenance

With the heat of the summer, life in Brisbane can be quite difficult without an air conditioner. However, air conditioners don’t last forever, and if not cared for properly they can experience an early demise. The good news is that when HVAC systems are well maintained, it can extend their life by quite a few years.

Understanding Maintenance of HVAC Air Conditioning Systems

The most important thing to understand is that many homeowners have complete HVAC systems, not just central air conditioning. An HVAC system is a complete system that is used year-round. The motorized components of HVAC systems provide both the home’s heat in the winter and the air conditioning in the summer. While these two temperature ranges are extreme opposites, the HVAC system is designed to provide both heating and cooling through different sectors of the same unit.

However, if an HVAC system is not maintained with air filter changes and annual cleanings, they can falter and break down prematurely. Like any mechanical system, a lack of regular maintenance can become the catalyst to a mechanical breakdown in the future.

To properly preserve an HVAC system, there are a few maintenance things homeowners can do themselves to help make sure the system works at an optimum level. The first and easiest thing that a homeowner can do, is to make sure all cooling vents are kept free from blockage. Blocking up cooling vents with rugs, furnishings or other clutter can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the system and cause damage to the system through back-feed.

For homeowners that are a bit handy, a great Do-It-Yourself project is changing out the air filter on the system. This is an easy project that should be done annually and will help to ensure that dust and debris are not blocking up the free flow of air in the system.

Additionally, hiring an Air conditioning Repairs Brisbane specialist for annual cleanings of HVAC units can extend the life span of the system by quite a few years. Annual professional cleanings help ensure the system will continue to operate at an optimum level. Annual cleaning service calls also help in early detection of malfunctions and worn-down parts. When caught early, many HVAC problems can be repaired quickly.

Signs of a Faulty Air Conditioning System

There are a few signs that will usually appear that shows that your air conditioning system is beginning to have problems that should be addressed.

  • Room Temperatures Do Not Match the Settings
  • HVAC System Makes an Unusual Noise When Running
  • System Works in Some Rooms and Not in Others
  • Cost of Operating the System is Much Higher than Normal
  • System Won’t Shut Off
  • System Takes a While to Cool Rooms

Each of these problems can be a bit of a problem and can be an indicator that something is not running properly within the HVAC mechanical system. These are the most common types of Air conditioning Repairs Brisbane homeowners require and the symptoms should be paid attention to. Fluctuations in temperatures, faulty temperature control responses, and sections of the home that experience spotty coverage, are all classical signs the HVAC system needs repair. Sometimes these symptoms indicate that a thermostat needs to be replaced. In most cases, thermostat replacements are jobs that can be done without extensive cost or time loss.

However, systems that won’t shut off or have a sudden surge in cost to operate, are usually indications that a more immediate repair service call is required. While the repairs for these symptoms do not necessarily mean a replacement is imminent, they are a cause for concern and should not be ignored.

These problems often are an indicator that there is a need for a part replacement. Broken or faulty parts should be removed and replaced by professionals. Failure to address any of these symptoms readily can result in a system break down. If the system fails from a broken part, it may cause a much more expensive repair.

With regular maintenance and Air conditioning Repairs Brisbane homeowners can save a great deal of money and help preserve against downtime of the air conditioning system. Early detection of problems can allow the system to continue to operate while waiting for new parts. If the system breaks down and a part needs to be ordered, the repair time can mean the homeowner is without their HVAC system for several days.