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What are the advantages of Ducted air conditioning for your business?

It can be a difficult task to find the perfect air conditioner for your business. With so many options in the market, how to choose? You have to think about your commercial premises; is it just a small office? Then you may choose to go with ductless air conditioning. But if you need to cool down several offices, then ducted air conditioning may be the best option for you.

Remember that choosing air conditioning that does not suit your purposes can result in issues like excessive cost, failing to create a comfortable environment, and poor energy efficiency.

Take into consideration that employees that are comfortable while working are more productive, happier, and less stressed. Suitable ducted air conditioning can provide outstanding return on investment.

What is ducted air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioners consist of the outdoor device, which is normally installed outside on the ground, wall bracket, or roof. It is connected to an indoor unit of rectangular shape that goes above the ceiling of a room/indoor area. The two units are connected by refrigerant pipework.

In this way, it will go unnoticed and help ensure the pleasant aesthetics of the office or work space. From here, running off the indoor unit, there will be a series of ducts that are located in the ceiling space running to all rooms/zones.

In each room or zoned area, there will be supply air grille/s, through which air is expelled. There will also be return air grille/s located elsewhere via which air returns to the indoor unit. This ensures proper air circulation.

Many key design elements must be taken into account. For example, all ducted air conditioning equipment requires a control device that often also acts as a thermostat. This is usually placed in the main room or in the hallway, where you can control and operate the ducted aircon.

So, what are the advantages of ducted air conditioning?

There are many factors you should consider before installing ducted air conditioning.

More productivity

Regardless of the weather condition outside the workplace, it will maintain an optimum temperature throughout the indoor workplace. This will lead to people feeling comfortable, thus they will be more productive.

On the other hand, if they feel that their office is really hot then workers will not be focused. This is the last thing you want. Remember that if you are serious about creating a perfect work environment then you need to have aircon to help staff be healthy and productive.

Energy-efficient and thermal insulation

Ducted air conditioning has great thermal insulation and this feature significantly limits the energy consumption of the entire ventilation system. Furthermore, the aluminium coatings present on both sides of the panel ensure excellent waterproofing and vapour blocking performance.

Also, it is proven that ducted air conditioners are capable of reducing your energy consumption. Furthermore, the performance can be higher, even higher than conventional aircon units. Additionally, ducted systems are often the most aesthetically pleasing option you can find in the aircon market.

Air conditioning mounted in ceiling

Uniform temperature

Another one of the great advantages of ducted air conditioning is the uniform temperature. With correct ductwork designed and installed, you can achieve more uniform air conditioning and climate control across the different areas of your office or business space.

The reason for this is that a centralized system allows you to distribute better air through different outlets. In this way, it optimizes its performance compared to a single air outlet where you need higher power or lower temperature to cool down the areas that are far away from the machine.

Capability of zoning

Zoning is amazing if you are going to climatize different offices and areas because not everyone likes the same temperature. Some may feel it is too cold while others may feel it is not cold enough. The temperature battles in offices around the country can be endless. However, zoning can help this.

Not all centralized air ducted systems allow zoning but they are the main aircon type that has this feature and it is an important advantage. You will be able to manage every room independently through the controller. Also, you will be able to close the circulation of hot or cold air by zone if you want to. The degree of control depends on the zoning system in place.

This is a great way of making sure that the power and consequent expenses are focused only on those rooms where people are using the aircon. This lets you save money in the long run as well as preserve the ducted air conditioning equipment.


The air conditioning ductwork is relatively light and it requires few anchor points to install. Thus, it is much safer in case anything falls due to an accident or even earthquake.

Another important advantage in safety terms is the excellent fire resistance. In the commercial setting, R1.5 (fire rating) or higher is often recommended and used, compared to R1.0 in homes.

Useful for summer and winter

Unlike other systems, ducted air conditioners can help you in winter and summer. Reverse cycle air conditioning is standard for ducted aircons. This allows achievement of a perfect temperature with only one air conditioning unit/device.

This is why ducted air conditioning offers you a complete solution for its whole lifespan. This  can be up to 20 years if you give it proper AC maintenance.

What may be some disadvantages?

The ducted air conditioner has a lot of advantages, but it also can have some disadvantages depending on your budget, needs, and location.

If your office does not have the pre-installation of ductwork done, then you will have to include installation of the ducts in the air conditioning installation. This may increase the cost of the complete aircon system and installation.

It is a possibility that your office does not allow you to run refrigerant pipes because of the building structure. For this reason, you may have to reject this air conditioning system type.

Also, investment in ducted air conditioning systems is often high depending on the spaces to be air-conditioned.  However, as we mentioned before, you can save money in the long run because it’s likely that you will be choosing an energy-efficient device and this will reflect in the quarterly energy bill.

Finally, ducted air conditioners have a particularity because in very cold regions it is better not to install them. Otherwise, the air conditioning equipment can suffer and have poor performance when the temperature outside exceeds -5ºC.

Male technician cleaning an industrial air conditioner

Ductless or ducted air conditioning?

It all depends on the size of the place that you want to air condition. Remember that if you need more personalized advice, you can contact us and we can help you find the right solution for you!